Get your textbooks out because it is officially exam season! Revision and studying are underway at Cottingham High School with exams just around the corner. 

The moment we have all been waiting for – GCSE examinations. What feels like the biggest moment in a highschooler’s life has finally arrived and students are buzzing with nerves and excitement in Cottingham High’s corridors.  

For the Year 10s, the upcoming Religious Education GCSE has been their primary focus. Revision sessions after school and during the holidays have been running to aid students in their understanding of the content, as well as extra study time throughout the school day. Teachers have also been supporting students throughout this stressful period with encouragement, kindness and lots of chocolate – a popular source of motivation. 

Students who are taking the exam have all been eager to share their advice and support to each other. One student commented ‘I am worried about the exam, but I know that it will all be okay if I keep my revision up’. Another shared ‘Friends have been the biggest support with revision and stress as they are going through it with me’. Lots of students have been busy working hard to achieve their best. 

Advice and tips for studying has also been hugely focused on at the school currently. Teachers have been talking about the importance of knowing how to effectively and efficiently revise and manage time to pupils, helping them incredibly in not only this period but also in the long run.  

Finally, with the end of exam season comes the absolute joy of the summer holidays. The warm sun and time off school is the reward of hard work and dedication, as well as the results inside of the envelope at the end of it all. When asked about what they will do when GCSEs are over, a student exclaimed that they will ‘decompress all summer with lots of sleep and movie marathons’.  

So, to all young people currently taking exams – keep revising and good luck!