I am lucky enough to live very close to a charming little train station in my hometown. In small villages, such as the one of Cottingham, train stations have historically played a huge part in keeping little villages connected to the rest of the world, both for trade and personal reasons, and still do today. Beautiful old train stations remind us of our past and local history with their architecture, but also allude as to where we may be headed.


For young people and teenagers, trains provide an invaluable way to provide independence whilst being cheap and green. It connects friends to friends, cousins to cousins, employees to their jobs, which can increase the freedom of young people by allowing them to access financial freedom too.


Trains are a much greener way to travel, sometimes producing nine times less carbon than a car journey. In such uncertain times, we must all do our part for the environment.  


The mesmerizing train tracks that seem to stretch into the distance forever, fading away into the horizon, fading into endless possibilities. The rush of air as the trains pull into the stations, stopping at the platform. The scenery whizzing by as the passengers head onward to their next destination. For many people, train stations aren’t just a way to move from A to B. They are a way to move their life forward. It is crucial that we appreciate our local train stations, as they are invaluable in connecting us to the vast world that awaits us if we only step off of the platform…