In an increasingly digital world, it is important that the next generation of software developers. It is important for schools to cultivate this passion for coding. I interviewed Luke, a GCSE student who aspires to be a software developer.


Can you tell me about yourself?


L: I'm Luke, a 16 year old student currently in year 11. I am studying computer science, and aim to continue this through college and university. 


How long have you wanted to be a software developer?


L: I first wanted to become a software developer in 2020. I wasn't at school due to lockdown and could get all of my work done quickly, so I decided to learn how to code. I used a video series on YouTube that taught me the basics and from there made a series of projects that expanded my skill set. 


What made you want to be a software developer?


L: As I was learning to code I realised that it was an incredibly powerful tool, if you can code you are able to harness a computer's power and use it effectively for your own benefit. If you have a problem that would be slow and tedious to complete as a human, there is a good chance that you can write a program to do it for you. This made me grow to develop a passion for coding and I realised that it was a possible career option that I could pursue. 


What are your future plans?


L: I want to study maths, physics and computer science at college along with completing an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). Then I ideally would like to get a degree apprenticeship so that I am learning while acquiring real world experience. A degree apprenticeship is also an exciting prospect as it could give me the opportunity to work for the likes of: GCHQ, Mi5 or British Aerospace. 


Describe your ideal working environment.


L: I would ideally like to work in a relaxed atmosphere with few distractions but not without colleagues so we are able to brainstorm ideas and help each other out. 


Did you ever have any other career aspirations, or were you always sure that coding was your future?


L: When I was younger, I aspired to open an escape room company as I have always enjoyed creating puzzles for others as well as solving them myself. This is another reason why I think that becoming a software developer would be a good career path for me as it requires lateral thinking and problem solving. 

Young Reporters: Aspiring to code. Libby Riggs, Cottingham High School.

What would be your advice for somebody else wanting to become a software developer?


L: My advice would be to not see it as something that you can only understand if you are tech ‘savy’, but as something that anyone can get to grips with if they stick at it and practice frequently.