Everyone has a tradition. Whether it's big or small. Whether it’s individually, with your family, with your friends, a sports team, or the country. 


I had the opportunity to talk to Ollie Watkins, a player at Elvington Harriers Men's Football Club in York, about their team's tradition for the month of November. Every year, as of 5 years ago, they celebrate Movember.


Movember is when men, those that can, grow a moustache in support of men’s health to help raise money and awareness about prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's mental health. This tradition has globalised after originally starting in Melbourne, Australia in 2003. Movember has been able to fund projects for men's health in various countries in the world - more than 20 - and have accumulated 5 million supporters.


The Elvington Harriers support this cause in three ways: “those who can try to grow a moustache in support of the charity”, “we operate a ‘fine system’ each week, where a player can be fined a maximum of £2.50 for silly things like ‘scoring a goal’ - 50p”, and “we also advertise and ask others to sponsor us by sharing our story and what we do to raise as much money as possible”.


This is a tradition that involves the whole of the men's team. With everyone getting involved in the ‘fine system’ and all those that can grow a moustache involved in that part, “even the younger lads do”. Even those that can’t grow the best hair still try their best to partake in the tradition for the cause. 


When I asked what influenced them to join the movement, Ollie Watkins responded “to raise awareness of men’s health including testicular, prostate and mental health. Some of the lads in the team have been affected first hand by one or more of these issues."


The overall campaign of Movember has raised over £400 million and the Elvington Harriers have raised approximately £2000 in the last 5 years.


If you would like to take part in Movember next time around, you can find all information on the Prostate Cancer UK website.


Remember “it’s okay, not to be okay!” - the slogan Elvington Harriers use and promote.