Beside Little Weighton road in Skidby, there is a public footpath and some farming land. This space has been drenched in a pool of water since the start of Covid 19, back in 2020 and it is still there today.
It first appeared after a heavy rainfall at the start of the year and tended to change in size over the weeks as more rain came and went. But then the cold winter days hit and the lake ended up freezing over. It was around 5cm deep, larger than most of the houses across the road and took up around a quarter of the field.
Most kids enjoyed this, and it was fun- but the farmer payed a price. So many people went on the frozen lake to play, skate, or even just walk around; that whole section of land was unavailable for them to use. This would’ve lost the farmer a ton of money as he couldn’t grow new crops on there but also, the crops that were already growing were completely ruined so couldn’t be used for that years harvesting.
But even though it was a bad time for the farmer, the locals had lots of fun with the frozen lake while it was there as most people didn’t have much to do with their time in lockdown, so it did bring some joy to people’s lives during quite a difficult time.
It melted by the end of the winter months but stayed very large until recently. Luckily for the farmer, it is decreasing in size now and will hopefully be gone by next winter!