On the third of December, in the village of Cottingham, the residents awoke to find a picturesque blanket of snow had fallen during the night - perfect timing for the annual christmas fair. As the festival began, children could be seen throwing snowballs and building snowmen in their front gardens. It was the perfect start to a Cottingham Christmas.   


One of the busiest days of the year, the annual Cottingham Christmas market draws in a huge crowd, and they are entertained by the many attractions: Hot chocolate, mulled wine, sweet treats, local choirs, and even an ice skating rink. 


The festivities took place in Cottingham Green, and lined Hallgate and King Street, in addition to the indoor stalls that were situated in the civic hall, just next to Cottingham Green. The indoor stalls sold everything from jewellery, to christmas cards, to books.


A local primary school choir sang at the fair, as well as adult choirs. With the stage in the very centre of the fair, the joyous music travelled across the whole village, creating a truly festive atmosphere. 


There were also funfair rides that were hugely popular with the younger visitors, and a plethora of small businesses. These stalls provide a unique opportunity for local vendors to not only promote their businesses, and sell their products to Christmas shoppers, but also to connect with their local community. 


For small businesses, events like these can make such an impact during such a busy season. One vendor who had set up a stall at the fair said that, 


During the holiday season, it is important to attend local events like these as much as possible, not only to support small businesses, but to reconnect with the community. After all, community is what Christmas is all about.