I was curious about the dance teachers' experience and what they do to reach their goal, so I spoke to student teacher assistant, Amelie Lambert. 


Every Saturday, Amelie helps teach ballet for all ages at Studio 3 in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. Her ultimate goal is to become a full time dance teacher in the future, so helps out to gain that experience - and that is why she started the role. Amelie has been dancing herself for many years so has a passion for the art and finds enjoyment and pleasure in teaching others her knowledge and helping them grow their passion for dance and their ability. 


For every dance teacher they have a favourite part of teaching and for Amelie this is “seeing the progression and improvement from the students”. This is a very delightful experience for dance teachers as they get to see their students benefit from their teachings and so feel a sense of pride towards their dancers and a sense of accomplishment. 


As with everything there are difficulties and as a dance assistant Amelie finds that the most challenging part is “having to explain something in a way kids understand”. You have to find a way that different age groups will understand due to their different levels of understanding and the development of their brain and thinking.


As of right now Amelie is not qualified as she only helps, however she plans to do a dance degree at university. This type of degree teaches the students about dance overall, looking at the communicating and influencing people through the art, the history of dance and how it’s adapted to what we see today, as well as many other modules. After this, to gain specification to become a dance teacher she will then get her teachers with the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) board. This is where she will get her qualification as a dance teacher, to then be able to do what she aspires to do. And this whole process is the process that most dance teachers will go through.