A disabled Otley resident has criticised Leeds City Council for making her wait six months to get a replacement green bin.

Sixty-four-year-old Jacky Francis, of Meagill Rise, had her green bin stolen in February and has been trying ever since to get a new one from the local authority.

Mrs Francis made several calls and visits to Otley's One Stop Centre, but got nowhere.

She finally decided to raise the matter with her local newspaper after reading a story about the city council's success at raising recycling rates.

She said: “Leeds City Council has been crowing about its recycling success but I've been trying to get a recycling green bin from them since February.

“The last one was pinched so I don't have one.

“I've rung them up quite a few times and been into the One Stop Centre at least twice but they did nothing.

“Someone at the council I spoke to told me the company that makes the bins had gone into liquidation.

“Then when my son rang again on my behalf, four weeks ago, they told him that I had already had a replacement!”

The council has now confirmed that a replacement bin should be with Mrs Francis within a week.

But she is angry that it has taken the authority so long to honour a simple request – and only after being contacted by the media.

She said: “I am disappointed this has taken such a long time because I believe in recycling and I've always done it.

“I got green bags to use after the bin was pinched so I could keep doing it.

“But it's disappointing that it's taken a call from a newspaper, after me trying to get them to do it since February, for the council to pull their finger out and get me a replacement.”

A Leeds City Council spokesman said: “Mrs Francis's green bin should have been replaced in August but that didn't happen.

“So the request has been put in again for another replacement.

“That should be with her this week or by the end of next week at the very latest.”