The Pool Road is closed between Otley and Pool-in-Wharfedale and the A660 still closed between the Bradford Road roundabout and Burley bypass, due to a long stretch of water covering Maple Grange Bends.

Callers report no signs at the Otley end to stop drivers using the road, however it is impassable and there are reports of cars submerged up to their roofs.

Flooding was also affecting traffic both ways at the A659 Otley Road's junction with the A61 near Harewood, though some vehicles were getting through.

Two vehicles were recovered from the A659 between Pool and Otley after becoming stuck in some of the deep water overnight.
The river level at Pool Bridge - which came very close to reaching the highest ever level recorded there, 3.77 metres, on Tuesday –  began falling on Wednesday, and was down to 3.25 metres by 8am.


More details to follow.

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