A councillor is calling for a renewed bid to curb the number of HGVs passing through Pool-in-Wharfedale.

The plea from Councillor Barry Anderson (Con, Adel & Wharfedale) follows several incidents of lorries mounting the pavement on Main Street on the eve of the Tour de France.

The issue was worsened on Friday, July 4, by the premature installation of spectator barriers on the route, which made the A658 even narrower.

But the number of HGVs passing through the village, and the problems they bring, has been a long-standing concern.

Coun Anderson raised the problem once more with Leeds City Council after being contacted by a resident.

He said: "I was asked if anything could be done to restrict the movement of HGVs through the village, as it is getting more and more dangerous.

"I took this up with Highways and am disappointed in their reply, in that it appears as though someone will have to be either killed or seriously injured before any action will be taken.

"My personal view is we need to get a meeting arranged as soon as possible with North Yorkshire County Council, Pool Parish Council, officers from both, and myself to see if we can try again to find a solution to this problem."

The response from Highways flagged up what has always been the main sticking point, getting North Yorkshire County Council - Pool sits right beside the North Yorkshire boundary - to agree to any plans which would result in its area taking more HGVs.

Coun Anderson was told: "We have taken into account the concerns of residents previously and made enquiries as to whether it would be feasible to have a reduction in the number of HGVs travelling through Pool.

"However, when in dialogue with North Yorkshire it was quite clear they would oppose any plans to increase the number of HGVs using their roads.

"Without the support of North Yorkshire, it was not feasible to push a scheme through to limit / ban access for HGVs through Pool, and I envisage that any such attempt at re-opening such dialogue would result in the same end."

He was also told that there had been no HGV related accidents in Pool over the past five years.