PEOPLE in Menston and Burley are being urged to have their say over proposed changes to airspace near their homes.

Leeds Bradford Airport is consulting on the changes which it says will allow aircraft to achieve greater height more quickly, reducing disruption to those under the flight paths.

It says by using more efficient arrival routes aircraft will fly fewer miles.The proposed airspace change and introduction of updated departure routes will result in aircraft flying closer to, or over, some new areas, including Burley Woodhead. But the overall number of locations overflown will reduce.

This week the airport was holding meetings in Horsforth and Menston to put its proposals to residents. Burley in Wharfedale and Menston ward councillor Jackie Whiteley stressed the importance of local people making their views known.

Cllr Whiteley, who lives in Burley, said: "For some time noise from planes has been a nuisance to me and many others in our villages, however, detail from the consultation explains why. When I moved into my house almost 30 years ago planes flew mainly over open fields between the villages with occasional flights over our house. Apparently, the line they should be flying is between the villages but there is also something called the swathe, an area either side of the line, where planes were able to fly if need be. Modern planes have had difficulty keeping to the line and therefore it has become the norm not the exception, that the flight path comes over our houses.

"Leeds Bradford Airport’s consultation with residents has become necessary because the beacons which guide planes taking off from the airport are being removed and satellite navigation will replace them. The air traffic controllers need to agree a new route that modern and maybe larger planes can follow. I understand that planning permission has already been given to lengthen the runways to accommodate larger aircraft and sat nav may solve some of the problems associated with poor weather. Indeed the airport aims to substantially increase the number of passengers and planes taking off and landing locally."

She added: "I believe landings at the airport overnight have increased too even though night landings are only allowed in exceptional circumstances. If like me you are a light sleeper and awake when planes land and take off or if your enjoyment of your home and garden is affected you can send your comments to before Sunday, November 5.

"An airport will add to the prosperity of the region but arguably it shouldn’t be at the expense of people near to the airport. I hope the new route over Burley and Menston will consider our concerns."

Alan Siddoway, head of air traffic services at LBA, said: “We would encourage people to talk to us about the airspace changes.

“We have already been consulting with a number of parties and we are trying to improve the quality of life for those people in the area around the airport.

“We are looking at 100 kilograms fuel saving for every aircraft which arrives and departs at LBA.

Go to to look at the airspace changes report.