Ilkley Grammar School celebrated World Book Day by encouraging all its students to stop everything and read for 20 minutes during the school day.

This included students reading on the PE bus back from the playing fields.

Members of the English Department all dressed up as literary characters and students then took part in a human treasure hunt. They had to find all the characters, name them and name the book they were from.

The characters ranged from Katniss in The Hunger Games and characters from Harry Potter to the prison warden from Holes.

The lucky winners were James Holmes, Sophie Kirkup, Georgina Mumby, Emily Field and joint team Hattie O’Loney and Beth Young, all from Year 7.

They all picked their favourite character to present the award.

Headteacher, Gillian James, said: “It was a great opportunity to focus the students on reading for 20 minutes through the day; with the use of the iPads this meant the material they could choose to read from was almost limitless and could be literary, subject-based or other non-fiction.

“The Treasure Hunt was a huge success with the students and really showed off their breadth of literary knowledge, even I wasn’t sure of all of them.”