Countless words have been written both in print and online paying tribute to Sir Jimmy Savile.

The amazing thing is that although he had no roots in the towns he was as well known as the bellman in both Otley and Ilkley.

Today we carry interviews with a number of people who were close to the showbusiness legend.

When you look back at the life he lived there is one major aspect of his life which set him apart from many others whose lives have led them down the path to fame and fortune.

Sir Jimmy gave back as much as he took out — in fact, on balance it was probably more. From being a hospital porter to hosting television programmes watched by millions — helping others was always at the back of his mind.

One national report told of how a close confidante, who had written many things of him, just could not get close to the reason why Sir Jimmy was so committed to helping others.

If anyone could find the reason, bottle it and give it away, then perhaps the world would be a better place.

What is for certain is that Sir Jimmy was a role model to generations and long may his memory of caring live on.

Perhaps we should all take a leaf out of his book and do something, no matter how small, as a tribute and say ‘that’s for you Sir Jimmy’.