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Teacher made biggest impression on my learning

4:33pm Monday 8th September 2014

I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed in Margo Atkinson's letter published in last week's paper. Miss Weatherall taught me English Language and Literature at Ilkley Secondary School and I shall never forget my early impressions of her. The commanding and cultured tones, big permed hair and sensible shoes all contributed to a formidable no nonsense persona. In fact, the lady was absolutely terrifying. I still remember the occasion when she ordered me to her towering desk in front of the class and demanded to know why I had written the date in abbreviated format (i.e. 2.5.62) at the top of my essay. My stammered excuse obviously sounded feeble; Miss Weatherall's neck and face reddened and she went ballistic.

Your view: letters

2:38pm Thursday 4th September 2014

‘MAJORITY are in favour of a shoot ban’, Ilkley Gazette August 28, was a misleading cover for a dismally devised ‘survey’. Ask perverse questions and you get perverse answers.

Thought for the Week

2:36pm Thursday 4th September 2014

Thought for the Week

Saddened to learn of death of Ilkley teacher

9:58am Tuesday 2nd September 2014

I WAS saddened to learn in last week’s Ilkley Gazette of the death of Miss Mary Weatherall, an influential part of the lives of so many local young people, whether or not they appreciated it.

Around and About - news from clubs and societies across the district

2:38pm Thursday 28th August 2014

AROUND AND ABOUT: The Rotary Club of Aireborough

Picture of the Week

Wharfedale Observer: (9697138)

2:32pm Thursday 28th August 2014

THIS week’s Picture of the Week comes from Steve Davey, of Otley.

'The greatest one-armed cyclist'

4:36pm Thursday 21st August 2014

FOLLOWING on from the impressive Yorkshire stages of the Tour de France and the undoubted success of the current local cycling talent, it is good to see the Wharfedale area celebrating everything on two wheels.

Why do developers want to get out of building affordable housing?

4:22pm Thursday 21st August 2014

I find it extremely strange that we have horror stories of a shortage of housing and house prices going up when developers are still coming back to planners saying their approved planning applications are not viable unless they get out of their affordable housing obligations. Clearly, if house prices are going up and up developers can afford to fulfil their obligations.

More research needed into Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)

3:56pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

I WAS thrilled to read about Jack Megson's fundraising for Epilepsy Charities.

Cuckoo sightings encouraging

4:38pm Thursday 7th August 2014

IT IS most encouraging that John Stidworthy (Cuckoos galore, Letters, July 31) could see and hear so many cuckoos on Ilkley Moor this spring and early summer. The Moor does seem to be one of their local strongholds although John Flood, the Wharfedale Naturalists' Bird Recorder until this year, noted in his 2013 report that "The time when members living on the edge of Ilkley Moor used to complain about being bombarded incessantly with calling birds as well as the odd one landing on their lawns seems an age away, although that was still the case when I started this job of recorder in 2003!"

Thought for the Week

Wharfedale Observer: submitted pix: The Rev Rob Hilton of Christchurch contributes to the Churches Together in Ilkley Food bank collection point at Booths. (8740028)

2:05pm Thursday 31st July 2014

Thought for the Week

Your letters to the editor

2:01pm Thursday 31st July 2014

Demand for places

Picture of the week

Wharfedale Observer: (8756867)

1:59pm Thursday 31st July 2014

This week's Picture of the Week comes from Karen Auty. It is of two fisherman at dusk catching American crayfish in Yeadon tarn.

Archdeacon responds to scouts over Guiseley church land development plans

8:46am Tuesday 15th July 2014

As the Archdeacon of Bradford I have been involved with discussions about development of the church land in Guiseley from the beginning. For years, the Diocese has used all of this large parcel of land for the benefit of the community - as the school playing fields and an area for the scouts and guides. The Diocese is fully committed to these groups and wishes to see them thrive. When the plan to develop this parcel of land was agreed objections were raised that this would squeeze the land left to the scouts and guides. The Diocese listened and now is drawing up a new arrangement to allocate extra land to the scouts and guides.

Club Francophone du Wharfedale going strong

8:34am Tuesday 15th July 2014

On behalf of the Club Francophone du Wharfedale, I should like to thank this newspaper for its enduring support. It regularly give publicity to our activities and the appeal we made through its columns in June for new members – notably for the Committee – has helped us recruit several people. The Club now has a new committee and is looking forward to another fruitful and rewarding year, with a varied programme. Readers interested in France, its language and culture are welcome to contact me on judithmdunn@gmail.com for further details.

Parking in this town is frustrating

7:59am Wednesday 9th July 2014

AM I alone in finding it incredibly frustrating that some selfish car drivers park in such a way with Ilkley's limited parking bays that they effectively take up two spaces by leaving the odd useless metre or so in front of their own vehicle? More care really ought to be taken.

Picture of the Week

Wharfedale Observer: (7964872)

12:01pm Tuesday 8th July 2014

THIS week's Picture of the Week comes from Linda Lee. It is in response to the request for pictures of the heron which has been spending time on the river Wharfe. This image was actually captured at Strid Woods at Bolton Abbey.

We would be prepared to pay for extra bin bags

12:13pm Monday 2nd June 2014

Councillor Jackie Whiteley’s letter (New brown bins will not meet my recycling needs, May 22) raises many points BMDC needs to answer.

'Bins are a hazard' in Ilkley's visitor areas

Wharfedale Observer: Overflowing litter bins by the River Wharfe at East Holmes Field

12:25pm Friday 23rd May 2014

Overflowing bins in one of the Ilkley’s busiest visitor areas after an influx of daytrippers last weekend were a health hazard, a concerned resident has claimed.

We've had another busy year on Addingham Parish Council

Wharfedale Observer: Some of the LS29 group enjoying a day at the fair – and gaining some happy memories in the process. See letter on this page

4:23pm Thursday 8th May 2014

I would like to thank all those who attended the Annual Parish Meeting on May 1, at the Memorial Hall.

Is this how we wish to be seen by visitors for Tour?

Wharfedale Observer: webpix letters emails writing write comment opinion contact correspondence T&A

3:15pm Friday 2nd May 2014

‘Empty pubs greet visitors as they arrive in Otley’. The Yeoman, which belongs to Tates, is in a good state of repair but looking rather unloved, and The Summercross is derelict and an eyesore.

Praise for staff at Red Gables Nursing Home

Wharfedale Observer: The locked public conveniences by the Winter Gardens in Ilkley. See letter from Frazer Irwin

12:14pm Friday 25th April 2014

Having read a couple of articles in your newspaper regarding Red Gables Nursing Home, I would just like to express my experiences.

Casual attitude to Page 3 does disservice to women

Wharfedale Observer: Councillor Sandy Lay

10:46am Thursday 17th April 2014

Recently I was contacted by a resident asking me to support the ‘No More Page 3’ campaign to get The Sun newspaper to remove the topless models from the paper.

Sexual objectification effects on society can’t be ignored

Wharfedale Observer: webpix letters emails writing write comment opinion contact correspondence T&A

10:45am Thursday 17th April 2014

I am writing to ask if readers would support the ‘No More Page 3’ campaign, asking The Sun to remove its outdated and inappropriate page 3.

Where will families send their children to school?

Wharfedale Observer: webpix letters emails writing write comment opinion contact correspondence T&A

10:44am Thursday 17th April 2014

While chatting with my new neighbours the other day it transpired that they were still having to travel back and forth to Bradford each day, where they moved from, doing the school run for their primary-aged kids.

Considerable efforts have been made with gardens

Wharfedale Observer: PROUD: Edward Darwin at the Charles Darwin memorial in the gardens in Ilkley.

10:43am Thursday 17th April 2014

Perhaps Linda Lee should have made contact with the Trustees of the Darwin Gardens before going into print, as she would have been reassured that considerable efforts have been made recently, not only to prepare the gardens for the forthcoming Tour de France, but also for the many visitors who enjoy this amenity all year round.

A marketable asset that is not being used to its fullest

Wharfedale Observer: Sheila and Robert Tester walk their dog, Badger, in Darwin Gardens.

10:42am Thursday 17th April 2014

We have a very marketable asset in Darwin Gardens Millennium Green and I feel it is not being used to its fullest.

How are 50,000 coming to the Tour going to get in?

Wharfedale Observer: Tour de France sculpture created at opening stage finishing line

10:41am Thursday 17th April 2014

Last week, BBC Radio Four You And Yours programme broadcast a lengthy upbeat report on Ilkley relating to the Tour de France. Great publicity for Ilkley, even disregarding the cycle race!

I knew Clive for 40 years as a friend and colleague

Wharfedale Observer: Councillor Clive Fox

10:39am Thursday 17th April 2014

I would like to express my sympathies and shock at the death of Councillor Clive Fox.

Clive will be both missed and remembered in area

Wharfedale Observer: Councillor Cive Fox

10:38am Thursday 17th April 2014

I was deeply saddened to hear the news about Councillor Clive Fox.

Approach to plan is one of crying crocodile tears

Wharfedale Observer: Coun Chris Greaves

10:26am Thursday 17th April 2014

The news about Chris Greaves in last week’s Gazette, along with the rumour that Anne Hawkesworth will also stand down when her term of office is up, will leave this area bereft of two doughty independent-minded champions.

No secret I have become increasingly disillusioned

Wharfedale Observer: Councillor Chris Greaves

2:38pm Thursday 10th April 2014

I have, after much thought, decided that now is the right time for me to retire, so I will not be seeking re-election when my term of office comes to an end this May.

Too many concessions are made to developers

3:34pm Thursday 3rd April 2014

I was very impressed with the public meeting held on Tuesday regarding the potential housing development in Otley. As a long-standing Otley resident I feel that we have not had a proper opportunity to direct any of this development in a meaningful manner.

Six weeks not enough for Local Plan ‘consultation’

Wharfedale Observer: The Summercross pub, Otley, which closed and is the now the subject of a planning application for a nursing home.

4:19pm Thursday 27th March 2014

By now most of the residents of Ben Rhydding and Ilkley should be aware of the Core Strategy of Bradford Council’s ‘Draft’ Local Plan – in summary it is to build 42,100 new homes in the Bradford District by 2028, of which 19,000 are designated to be built on green belt. For Ilkley the Plan is to build 800 new homes, of which most would likely be on green belt.

Absurdity of current free school transport policy

Wharfedale Observer: Councillor Jackie Whiteley

4:17pm Thursday 20th March 2014

There is no method in this madness! Here is another example of the Labour-controlled Bradford Council’s cost-cutting initiatives that doesn’t save money but penalises families for no good reason.

Readers' Letters

Wharfedale Observer: Guiseley Station – one of the stations where the Government is considering bringing in new parking charges

1:25pm Friday 14th March 2014

As a parent I was appalled to read that Leeds City Council has sold off the caretaker’s house at Bramhope Primary School, removing the opportunity for the school to expand in order to meet the needs of the population (Wharfedale & Airedale Observer, 6/3/14).

The parish precept and council chairmanship

3:34pm Thursday 6th March 2014

I write with some regret, but necessity, in reply to recent letters in this paper regarding the parish precept and also my chairmanship of Ilkley Parish Council, one of the letters being extremely offensive.

Together we campaigned against these unfair cuts

Wharfedale Observer: Councillor Jackie Whiteley

11:58am Friday 28th February 2014

Working together, residents and councillors in Wharfedale achieve a better outcome for our villages.

Ilkley Parish Council's decision astonishing when families in austerity

3:44pm Thursday 20th February 2014

The decision by Ilkley Parish Council to increase its precept by 22 per cent is an astonishing decision when hard-working families in the town are feeling the effects of austerity.

No assessment made of new housing impact on Otley infrastructure

Wharfedale Observer: Snow covered Otley last year

1:49pm Thursday 13th February 2014

Otley’s inadequate infrastructure (transport links, schools, doctors, dentists, etc) is under threat from the construction of 1,177 additional houses.

Labour appear to have got their figures wrong

11:53am Friday 7th February 2014

Regular readers of this paper will know that I take my role of scrutinising Otley Town Council Labour administration’s spending plans seriously and this year is no exception.

This is inevitable result of plans to build 800 houses in Ilkley

Wharfedale Observer: Otley Courthouse

12:25pm Friday 31st January 2014

Even more children born in Ilkley today will not be able to attend their first or second choice primary school.

Generation motivated by and living with technology

Wharfedale Observer: Prince Henry’s Grammar School, Otley, where bad weather has left the car park badly damaged.

3:58pm Thursday 23rd January 2014

As a parent of a Year 7 pupil at Prince Henry’s Grammar School in Otley I support the iPad scheme.

When it rains again, we can expect floods again

Wharfedale Observer: The flooded A65 between Menston and Burley-in-Wharfedale

10:44am Friday 17th January 2014

Regarding your article about the inconvenience of the closure (by flood) of the A65 at Menston, it might reasonably have been expected, I think, that having had the road blocked, a car winched out and the emergency services in attendance, Bradford Council would have cleared the drains on the A65 to prevent this happening again, particularly as more heavy rain is forecast for the coming week.

It must not be a ‘Grand Depart’ for Ilkley Manor House Museum

1:10pm Friday 10th January 2014

All the excitement surrounding Le Grand Depart of the Tour de France coming through Ilkley is severely tempered by the news that another ‘grand depart’ for Ilkley is on the cards. The future of Ilkley’s Manor House Museum and Art Gallery remains doubtful after Bradford MDC’s proposal that the building could be mothballed and sold if no workable plan for ‘Community Management’ was in place/forming by the end of March.

Possible chance to relax bus subsidy proposals?

1:46pm Friday 3rd January 2014

Further to my earlier letter, I am writing to let your readers have an update on North Yorkshire County Council’s proposals to reduce the bus subsidy for tendered bus services throughout the county, particularly those affecting Wharfedale.

Thanks to everyone who supported Victorian Fayre

12:03pm Tuesday 24th December 2013

May I take this opportunity, as the 2013 chair of the 28th Otley Victorian Fayre, to publicly thank the many people without whom we would not be able to put on such a large event? Many extra stewards come on board on the actual day of the fayre. I especially want to thank my dedicated small team of volunteers who put in many months of hard work leading up to the annual event.

Council’s decision-making is holding community back

12:02pm Tuesday 24th December 2013

I was really frustrated to read the headline ‘Council calls for U-turn on school’s iPad plan’.

I am opposed to school’s iPad scheme in principle

12:00pm Tuesday 24th December 2013

Rarely do I get so angry about something to feel the need to write to the papers to share my views but on this occasion I am sufficiently moved to do so.

The key point must be to improve the infrastructure

11:59am Tuesday 24th December 2013

I was dismayed to read Richard Askham’s letter as he is missing a few key points here.

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