Report by: Ivor Timmis

Several returning Lions’ legends were joined by a number of fans who had donated to the cause to install a new tunnel at Nethermoor and secure a place in this tribute match for John Bridson over the weekend.

The teams took the field as Guiseley Whites, managed by Andy Wood, and Guiseley purples, under the stewardship of Pete Gable.

Edward Robertson impressed in the early stages for the purples, gliding past Gary Proctor with the neat footwork which was a hallmark of his performance.

Luke Haigh for the Whites countered with an extravagant back heel which was not strictly necessary but impressive all the same.

James Pickles for the whites was given the tricky job of being up against Wayne Brooksby, the former Lions winger was well marshalled by the full back.

The whites backline was well controlled by Nicole Malpus who struck up defensive partnerships with Mark Maspero, Mark Bower and Jameel Ible across the 90 minutes.

The Purples dominated early on: only a well timed challenge from Mark Maspero kept Wayne Brooksby at bay while Simon Bullock, played through by Edward Robertson could only find the side netting.

At the other end, Steve Dickinson produced a brilliant close range save to deny Adam Pawsey one of a hatful of chances the young striker spurned having ghosted into promising positions having been kept onside according to assistant referee Derrick Stephens.

The Purples responded with a Nicky Boshell cross which was headed convincingly over by Simon Bullock, and there was a moment of controversy as Nicky Boshell flicked home an Edward Robertson cross only to be cruelly denied by the Joe and Wayne Priestley ruthless referee/assistant ref combination.

For the Whites, Colin Robertson appeared to have redefined the right back role to leave Gary Proctor in acres of space on the left, space he generously declined to exploit.

A one-two between Gary Proctor and Luke Haigh failed to materialise as they forgot the two, Haigh had worked well with alongside Callum Chippendale in the centre of the field.

The deadlock was broken on 20 minutes when a crisp 25 yard strike by the evergreen Martin Foster put the purples in front firing past Hagie Damba from long range.

Oli Johnson entertained with some showboating and then brought the Whites level with a spectacular volley from a Liam Tongue corner. It was end to end now as a curling Danny Boshell effort from the edge of the area was tipped round the post by Hagie Damba.

A languid start to the second half was enlivened when James Walshaw, not for the first time at Nethermoor, went down with some ease under a challenge in the area and was rewarded with a penalty.

The Whites brought on penalty specialist Isla Lewis who stroked the ball confidently home.

There was a chance for the purples to go further ahead but with a 3 on 1 glory seeker Liam Tongue opted to shoot and blazed over. The Purples were looking to extend their advantage with John Waite, alongside Danny Lowe, helping provide defensive solidity and Matthew Crossley picking out some neat passes in the middle.

At the other end, Danny Boshell was upended in the area by Mark Bower, which does not bode well for their managerial partnership. The Purples brought on their own penalty specialist, Arthur Lewis, who left the keeper rooted to the spot with a cool shot down the middle.

Luke Haigh blazed a shot over the bar which was registered by Air Traffic Control at LBA. There was time for James Walshaw to win another penalty which may actually have involved a foul. Adam Pawsey was entrusted with the penalty and tucked it away in style in the bottom right hand corner.

An entertaining game came to an end. The turnout both by former players and by fans was a fitting and richly deserved tribute to John Bridson.

Isla Lewis was presented with the winning team’s trophy and Simon Bullock was named Man of the Match.

Guiseley Whites 4-2 Guiseley Purples | Sunday 28 April 2024 | Borough Park

Guiseley Whites: 1. Hagie Damba, 2. James Pickles, 3. Nicole Malpus, 4. Luke Haigh, 5. Mark Maspero, 6. Mark Bower (C), 7. Oli Johnson, 8. Callum Chippendale, 9. Adam Pawsey, 10. James Walshaw, 11. Gary Proctor, 12. Jameel Ible, 14. Liam Tongue and 15. Isla Lewis.

Guiseley Purples: 1. Steve Dickinson, 2. Colin Robertson, 3. Ollie Brown, 4. Simon Bullock, 5. Jake Lawlor (C), 6. John Waite, 7. Edward Robertson, 8. Danny Boshell, 9. Matthew Crossley, 10. Nicky Boshell, 11. Wayne Brooksby, 12. Martin Foster, 14. Danny Lowe and 15. Arthur Lewis.