Dance, for most people, isn’t something you think about every day. However, for more people than you can imagine, it is all they can think about. You may be wondering; doesn’t that drive them crazy? But no, dance Is what keeps them going, dance is why they are still here in this world. Some people love it so much they even choose it as a life long career.

There are many different styles of dance: ballet, jazz, pointe, tap, lyrical, street, and many, many more. Each dancer has a preference and are all better at each style in their different ways. That’s what makes dancing so unique.

Dance can make people feel things in ways that words can’t show, it shows emotion through movements and skill, and keeps up fitness levels without putting in a lot of energy like other sports. It can also increase mental health as it’s a very soothing thing to do when you’re upset or feeling down.

Even though the dance world is perceived as beautiful to the outside world and it can be brutal and painful, but to dancers its all worth it when they’re on the stage performing, showing off what they’ve been working on for the past few months to everyone that’s watching.

So next time you're feeling a little upset, try dancing! I promise you it'll be worth it.