Volleyball is not only a sport, but it is also a community. It’s a place that is filled with encouragement, support and endless compassion for teamwork and success.  

The Hull Thunder U15 team demonstrates this community to their core, with kind and energetic teammates that make the sport an exciting and active part of the week. Their team mainly consists of a dozen members, all ranging in positions and strengths but together creating a tough and powerful force.  

Although they were defeated in previous tournaments in this past season, their personal bests triumphed above all. Improving and gaining confidence throughout those matches has united the girls into a strong team, ready to take on the next season. And to be even better, they are undertaking summer training and conditioning to further improve themselves as both players and athletes. 

Not only that, but the friendships made within the team have become unbreakable bonds of kindness and respect for each other. They take on and guide new members with unconditional ease, allowing the room for people to find their feet but also to have their backs in whatever situation. Members of the team have stated that they ‘have found close friends they wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for the team’ and that ‘it has become a close family’. 

Coaches also play a pivotal role within the squad, teaching the girls on how to apply themselves to the sport and the tactics needed to dominate the court on gamedays. They are the spine of the team and without them, excellence couldn’t be either attempted or achieved.  

All in all, these girls are a prime example of what makes sports so great. They are a fine display of the community within volleyball, and you won’t want to miss their plays next season (or their amazing team shouts) as they are sure to bring cheer and skill. So, if you want a team to root for, root for the Hull Thunder U15s – because they will make you proud.