IT HAS not taken long for new Bradford Mutual Sunday School League chairman Dr Rizwan Hameed to put his stamp on proceedings.

Just days after the league’s annual meeting at Manningham Mills Community & Sports Association, Hameed has announced that the league’s executive committee is to be split into three groups.

They will be dealing with strategy, media & communication and dedicated tasks.

Their decisions will be discussed at monthly executive committee meetings and will then be presented to the league for final approval.

However, the focal point of the organisation will still be the league secretary, although he will not be expected to be in charge of things such as disciplinary and umpiring matters.

In his first statement after the annual meeting, Hameed said: “I would like to especially thank Nick (Spachis), our outgoing chairman, for all his service to the league over a significant number of years.

“I have played alongside and worked as an executive member alongside Nick for a few years, and I wish him every success in his future endeavours.”

An important part of Hameed’s remit is to ensure that executive committee members receive accurate, timely and clear information, allowing sufficient time for agenda items to be discussed and informed decisions made.

He stated: “I welcome on board our new executive members – our new committee is pleasantly diverse in every sense, which is an excellent example of cohesion within our cricketing community.

“The long-term goal will be to make the Bradford Mutual Sunday School Cricket League one of the best leagues in the region in terms of cricket played, operational systems, good governance and ability to hold big cup tournaments.

“Some big announcements will be made at our first league meeting, which will surely set high standards for other leagues to follow! Let’s work together to achieve greater heights.”