IT was always going to be a big ‘ask’ to convince a team without a front row to travel to Starbeck

for the away fixture against Harrogate Pythons. As you may well know, teams that arrive without a

capable and safe front row, automatically forfeit the game. The RFU deeming this a HWO (Home

walk over) and set the score at 0:25 to the home side.

However, rightly so in my opinion, Director of Rugby Pete Tempest thought it more important to

go ahead with the game, and let the young backs continue their transition into senior Rugby.

With the Yorkshire 3 table suspended this season, we have an opportunity to get as many games

‘under our belts’ as possible to be ‘match ready' for next season.

New comer, Jake Bentley made an excellent debut at outside centre, alongside his fellow colts

Harry and Noel Gilson. The Gilson cousins have made a big impact to the forward squad, working

well as a flanking duo.

Bentleys arrival makes this the seventh Colt to feature in Otliensians 1st XV, largely thanks to the

excellent work Chris Smith has done at PHGS with the combined Otley Colts initiative.

Harrogate won the game convincingly, and I'm sure will end up in Yorkshire two sooner or later,

but Ensians never ceased their defence nor constant counter attacks, even when down to thirteen

men, and should be very proud of their efforts.