GUISELEY have been fined for failing to fulfil fixtures before the National League North season was officially declared null and void.

Bradford (Park Avenue) and Farsley Celtic, along with Guiseley, were found guilty of this breach, but unlike the Lions, the other two have made their fines public.

Avenue have said they will appeal the decision, but Guiseley have not yet given any indication they will do the same.

An Independent Panel, commissioned by The National League, met to hear the cases of 18 member clubs charged with alleged breaches of league rules.

In total sixteen member clubs were charged with a breach of league rule 8.39.

Rule 8.39 relates to any club without just cause failing to fulfil an engagement to play a competition match on an appointed date.

A National League statement on the non-fulfilment of fixtures at Step Two reads: "An Independent Panel has ruled that 16 Member Clubs participating in National League North and South (Step Two) are guilty of breaching Rule 8.39 for failing to meet fixture obligations.

"Fines ranging from £1,400 to £8,000, in addition to a suspended points deduction for the 2021/22 Playing Season, have been issued to each Member Club found guilty.

"Given the extremely unusual circumstances that have affected football at all levels and the financial pressures the absence of spectators has brought to bear on clubs, the Panel expressed its sympathy with the Clubs’ predicament.

"However, the Panel believes it must also take regard of the fact that the majority of Clubs continued to fulfil fixtures and incur much costs until the League ended on February 19th.

"Per breach, each Club received a £2,000 fine and suspended two-point deduction for the 2021/22 Playing Season.

"A 30% deduction was made to the fine for those accepting the charge ahead of the hearing."