OTLEY are keen to make it known they will not be playing any rugby for the rest of the year with their players' safety paramount heading into the festive period.

Last week, the sport was shocked to see the RFU announce 15-a-side contact, albeit with restrictions, is allowed to return with friendlies able to take place from December 18.

There has been a mixed reaction amongst clubs locally to whether they think it is viable to take to the field again in 2020.

Wharfedale are confident their annual friendly with North Ribblesdale will go ahead as usual on Boxing Day. With them being in tier 2, they can have up to 2000 fans at the game.

Tier 3 sides Ilkley and Bradford & Bingley have contrasting views. The former are not risking any contact this month after such a long break from it, while the Bees are hoping to get a couple of games in behind closed doors.

Otley are with Rhys Morgan on this one, and are not even entertaining the idea of training in these uncertain times.

Director of rugby Peter Clegg said: "I think it is a great surprise with the times that we are in.

"With people coming out of the Christmas period and universities opening back up, there is nothing more certain than a rise in cases in my opinion.

"We cancelled training last Tuesday and this Tuesday. We haven’t put anything in place until we get through Christmas and the new year. Then we will see what the situation is and what the RFU say.

"I know there is one or two games going on. There is mixed messages and sense must prevail. We won’t risk anyone at Otley."

Clegg's biggest grudge is the one surrounding players living in tier 3 places only being able to play and train in that specific area.

Otley were supposed to be training at Yarnbury but only players from that part of Leeds would be able to attend the session.

He explained: "You can’t have players travelling from different tiers or the same tier to different areas so how are you going to put a squad together unless they all live in tier 3 Otley?

"It is just a minefield which we are going to avoid.

"We were due to train at Yarnbury and we cancelled because how do you get players who live in Ilkley or elsewhere in tier 3?

"How do you put it together with players not going against government law? I just don’t understand it.

"I live up Farnley lane. I am in tier two but if I go down the hill I enter tier 3. It is just absolute madness."

The aforementioned restrictions include scrums and mauls being replaced by free kicks.

Clegg added: "They are desperate to get rugby out in any shape or form.

"It goes against rugby as we know it but if it means we can play safely to get players on the pitch then we are for it.

"I wouldn’t put a date on it. Something might come in March or April but let's just see where we are.

"I'm not telling our lads we are ready to go, we will take our time and build up gradually.

"We have put a good squad together and we won't put them at risk."