YORKSHIRE LPS have been accepted into the Dales Council League.

The Bradford Mutual Sunday School League club tried to join last year but were told to get both permission from their own league and have their own ground approved by the Dales Council League.

Both those things have now happened and LPS will therefore be probationary members of the Dales league in 2021, as is normal for all first-year clubs.

"Conditions there are quite good," said league secretary Ron Mackenzie of LPS' ground at Westwood Park.

LPS, formed in 1994 and winners of the Mutual League's top flight in 2001 and 2009 and the Sir James Roberts Cup for first teams in 2007, will bring two teams into the Dales league.

They also achieved a promotion double in the Mutual in 2013, with the first team winning Group B and the second team Group D.

Dales Council League fixtures secretary Ken Firth told the league's annual meeting, which was held on Zoom: "We hope to have 34 teams in the league next season.

"The 28 who played this year, plus two from LPS and the four teams who opted not to play in 2020 - Leeds Sikh A and B, Crompark and Muff Field B."

League president Geoff Cope, in his annual address, said: "I was pleased that the league was eventually able to get out and play some cricket, even if the season was rather truncated and there were some strange additional rules.

"It was good to get on to the field, even if it was in strange circumstances.

"I would like to thank those members of the executive who did a lot of work to ensure that as many fixtures as possible were arranged, that clubs were advised of the special arrangements required to try to make things run smoothly, and that umpires were appointed to cover all the matches, so a special mention for Ken Firth, Ron Mackenzie and Maria Vasudev (umpires' appointments secretary).

"Overall their arrangements seem to have gone well, and discipline was generally good, even though there was a hiccup with the rules at one match."

He added: "Thanks also should be extended to all those working on the grounds to ensure that matches could be played.

"They are often unsung heroes but their work is essential for matches to take place safely and in the right conditions.

"They do not always ask for help but I am sure an offer of assistance would be very much welcomed.

"We can all hope that there will be more success in combating the virus and we will be able to enjoy and celebrate a full season of cricket in 2021.

"The league plays an important role in keeping the older players off the street at the weekend but, more importantly, it provides a route to introduce younger cricketers to the game and for them to learn from the experience of those older heads.

"It is critical that the grass roots are well tended so that growth continues all the way up through the game."