BEN Rhydding Hockey Club are trying to find their feet in this changed world that we all find ourselves in.

After Covid caused an early finish to the 2019/20 season, Rhydding had to wait over six months to resume competitive action.

In its absence, the game has been forced into bringing in certain rulings to adapt to the new restrictions.

The sport's governing body England Hockey state things such as players are no longer allowed to celebrate goals in groups and must remain two metres apart when the ball is out of play.

Rhydding administer Hugh Lorimer says the players have found it difficult but are glad to be back.

He said: "They are all keen to be able to play but have to remind themselves to social distance before and after the game and manage without changing rooms.

"We are offering food and drink at the bar but people have to take it back outside. It is difficult to entertain guests who travel two or three hours to play.

"Spectators are not allowed. We have a Covid officer and adhere to the rules.

"There is about half a dozen people dedicated to make sure everything is done.

"On Saturdays when we have five games going on in between every match we have to clean; the pitch, where people have been sitting and the goalposts have to be sprayed with sanitise. That all takes up like 15 minutes.

"Our 300 youngsters are playing and training with the restrictions. They are not allowed to do the normal tournament play because it is just too risky."

With the three tier lockdown system in place, there is also the problem of players coming to ply their trade at the club from 'very high' risk areas.

Rhydding's men play in North Hockey League Premier Division while the Ladies compete at the second level of the game, the Division One North.

Lorimer discusses the difficulties each team now has when playing others from around the country.

He added: "The rules say we can not move in and out of tier three.

"We have players who come from all over so any of them who live in tier three won't be able to play.

"We are waiting to see what the effects are going to be if there is a change in tier.

"The men’s team are disappointed because they have hardly been able to play league games. They have played one this season which they won at Winslow.

"They used to play all across the North, now they are just playing just on the east of the Pennines from Lincoln all the up to Newcastle.

"On Saturday, they play against their local rivals Wakefield in a rearranged game, they could not come to us a fortnight ago due to Covid."