THE Horsforth & District Motor Club were back in trials action under strict Auto Cycle Union rules at Addingham Moorside, Silsden, where 51 competitors in three classes rode a ten section four lap course.

The hard route class winners were Sam Boocock, Elliot Laws, and Bradford contenders Frankie Rhodes and Steven Fowler.

Former sidecar ace Robin Luscombe rode his ex-Mick Grant BSA Bantam to victory in Clubman A, beating Phil Hammond by one penalty and Clifton’s Richard Crabtree.

Mick Kettlewell and Steve Gossop topped Clubman B from Bradford boy Charlie Petty.

The results were as follows: Hard course - Inters: 1 Sam Boocock (Sherco) 5, 2 Keiran Child (Beta) 9, 3 Anthony Ayrton (TRS) 27. Novices: 1 Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 20, 2 Paul Kettlewell (Sherco) 20, 3 Ricky Mellon (Vertigo) 24. Over 50: Steven Fowler (Beta) 49. Youth Class A: 1 Frankie Rhodes (Beta) 43, 2 Harvey Taglione (Gas Gas) 47.

Clubman A - Novices: 1 Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 5, 2 Richard Crabtree (Vertigo) 6, 3 Shaun Lightfoot (Vertigo) 10. Over 50’s: 1 Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 7, 2 David Lamin (Vertigo) 13, 3 Chris Laws (Vertigo) 14. Pre-65: Robin Luscombe (BSA) 4.

Youth Cass A: Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 23. Youth Class B: Harrison Lightfoot (Gas Gas) 15. Youth Class C: Jimmy Crabtree (Beta) 48.

Clubman B - Novices: 1 John Hindle (Gas Gas) 30, 2 Simon Cassidy (Montesa) 34. Over 50’s: 1 Mick Kettlewell (TRS) 2, 2 Ged Fallon (TRS) 20, 3 Russ Brodie (Gas Gas) 28. Pre-65: 1 Steve Gossop (Ariel) 6, David Brogden (BSA) 37.

Youth Class B: Callum Edmondson (Beta) 90. Youth Class C: 1 Charlie Petty (Beta) 14, 2 Oliver Petty (Beta) 37, Bobby Crabtree (Beta) 43.

The Wetherby & District Motor Club staged their second trial, since restrictions were lifted, at Greenhow. There were a maximum of 60 competitors of all ages and it was pre-event entries only.

The hillside venue at Toft Gate Farm overlooking Nidderdale, just east of Greenhow, tested all three classes. The course was a full 10 section layout on the grassy and steep hillside.

Glasshouses electrician Danny Gamble won the hard route class from Bellerby novice class contender Ryan Brown and 20-year-old Ramsgill trainee mechanical engineer Jack Harker.

Barnoldswick engineer Anthony Ayrton won the inter class, riding his new TRS machine. His 16-year-old daughter Lucy competed on her new TRS machine, while grandfather Brian observed the final section.

Rob Bratley and Stewart Molloy headed the 50-50 and easy course class supplies industry.

The results were as follows: Hard course - Experts: Danny Gamble (Sherco) 0. Inter: Anthony Ayrton (TRS) 27. Novices: 1 Ryan Brown (Beta) 5, 2 Jack Harker (Beta) 11, 3 Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 14.

50-50 course - Novices: 1 Ian Myers (Sherco) 18, 2 Rob Dawson (Beta) 20, 3 Danny Sadler (Beta) 25. Over 40's: 1 Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 5, 2 Andy Townson (Gas Gas) 50. Over 50's: 1 Michael Platts (Sherco) 7, 3 Robert Hardisty (Sherco) 11, 3 Neil Gaunt (Vertigo) 13. Youth Class A: 1 Jack Bennett (Beta) 25, 2 Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 43.

Easy course - Novices: 1 Richard Shepherd (Honda) 1, 2 Thomas Simpson (Beta) 9, 3 Chris Watson (TRS) 14. Over 40's: 1 Andrew Walters (Honda) 7, 2 Steve Wilde (Honda) 15, 3 John Henfrey (Beta) 69, Over 50's: 1 Stewart Molloy (Beta) 4, 2 Ian Bradley (Beta) 17, 3 Michael Benson (Benson) 20.Over 60's: 1 Ian Brogden (Beta) 17, Mick Bayley (Beta) 18, 3Graham Parker (Montesa) 19.

Twin Shock: 1 Steve Gossop (BSA) 5, 2 Kevin Morley (Fantic) 20, 3 Les Ashby (Fantic) 25.Youth: Arran Sherwin (Beta) 37.

The Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club will stage an A.C.U. British Trials Championship at Addingham Moorside on August 16, commencing at 09.30. Strict rules will apply such as; no spectators, no trade stands and no caterers.