BEN Rhydding produced a dominant second half performance to come from behind to seal a 4-2 win against Formby.

After a slow start to the game, Rhydding were punished as Formby converted from aggressive turnover play.

Rhydding replied with a silky corner from Matty Birch to make it 1-1.

They took control of the contest, but Formby bounced back strongly and took a 2-1 lead with an easy overload.

Rhydding levelled when Birch connected powerfully with a corner.

They came out strongly after the break and George Gamble rode through some heavy tackles and flipped the ball to Callum Franks, who finished with a flick past the keeper, giving Rhydding a 3-2 lead.

Ben Rhydding killed the game off when a pass from Will McHugh put Gamble in on goal led to a penalty for Rhydding.

The resulting penalty stroke by Will Musgrave put the game to bed at 4-2.