OXTON fielded a very different and much more polished side to the one that came to Ben Rhydding in the autumn and managed to convincingly outplay the visitors, outscoring the Rhydding men 6-2.

Oxton scored in the first 10 seconds after a bizarre turn of events, with the umpire falling over next to Josh Hughes in the Ben Rhydding goal. The next thing the visitors knew the ball was in the back in the net.

This probably would not have changed the outcome but it was a terrible start for Rhydding.

Both sides were good at keeping the ball when they had it, so it was all down to circle action to decide the game.

Rhydding were slow to react to an interception from Oxton, which ended with a player having a free shot at the top of the circle making make it 2-0 to Oxton.

Before long it was 3-0 after another great step by an Oxton player ripped the ball from Rhydding and bundled a goal in.

Oxton made it 4-0 after an easy deflection.

Rhydding then settled down and Will Musgrave scored a beautiful corner to pull back into the game, but Oxton replied straight away with a very direct goal to go 5-1 ahead.

Great passing by Rhydding saw them score straight away with a well-finished roll shot from Ross McMillan to make it 5-2.

Oxton then hit back on a counter attack goal to make the final score 6-2.