IT may have been a chilly day at Addingham Moorside on Sunday but the action was glowing as 77 competitors battled for points in the opening event of Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club’s first in house championship series.

Closed to club it have been and no doubt Silsden's Dougie Lampkin, right on his own patch, would not expect interlopers from Telford and Leyburn to surface.

They did in the form of Scorpa pilot Tom Minta and Gas Gas front man Richard Sadler.

The trio rode ten section four times without dropping a boot.

East Morton's Martin Crosswaite was right with the trio until he dabbed section two on lap two.

Just to rub salt into the wounds, Dec Bullock parked his Gas Gas in fifth place ahead of top novice Charlie Smith.

Youth Class A was a further sanctuary for immigrants with Buxton’s talented Harry Turner and Alice Minta claiming the youth laurels.

At least the action on the championship course class was lively, but it did calm down in Clubman A and Clubman B with the usual characters in play.

John Bannister took Clubman A - just, from Class B youngster Alfie Lampkin who rode his Vertigo to a splendid second place just one penalty behind Bannister.

Clubman B was an age thing with Rob Hardisty taking the Over 50's class and his riding mate Phillip Hammond flying the flag for the over 40s.

Rawdon's Chris Beecroft and Cullingworth's Robin Luscombe were in the mix in the Over 50’s brigade. Lusky seems well at home with his Triumph Cub and is always a threat.

Only seven small wheelers signed, and Jamie Graeme, Josh Dent and William Blackwell were the class winners.


Hard course

Experts: 1 = Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) 0/ Richard Sadler (Gas Gas) 0. Tom Minta Scorpa) 0.

Inters: Charlie Smith (Beta) 13, Thomas Housecroft (Vertigo) 31, Tom Rushton (Vertigo) 47.

Novices: Tom Middleton (Beta) 35, Ryan Brown (Beta) 55, Jonny Chambers (Vertigo) 65.

Youth Class A: Harry Turner (Gas Gas) 22, Alice Minta (Scorpa) 76, Max Chadwick (Beta) 82.

Clubman A: John Bannister (Beta) 25, Paul Jackson (Montesa) 29, Leo Dando (Montesa) 30.

Youth Class A: Josh Brown (Beta) 46 Jacob Smith (Beta) 61,

Youth Class B: Alfie Lampkin (Vertigo) 26, Jasper Fox (Beta) 46, Josh Pearson (Beta) 85.

Clubman B

Novices: Sam Luscombe (Beta) 27, Ben Yeadon (Beta) 39, Jeffrey Bennett (Beta) 67.

Over 40’s; Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 11,

Over 50’s: Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 5, Chris Beecroft (Montesa) 7, Robin Luscombe (Triumph) 12.

Youth Class B: Jack Bennett (Beta 74,

Youth Class C: Harrison Lightfoot (Beta) 76, Fraser Lampkin (Vertigo) 91.

Small Wheels hard route: Jamie Graeme (Beta) 55.

Small Wheels medium route: Josh Dent (Beta) 13, Aiden Richardson (Oset) 48, Bailey Huntbach (Oset) 50.

Small Wheels easy route: William Blackwell 14, Sophie Sellers 24, Finlay Harsley 49. (All Oset).

The Horsforth and District Motor club’s opening Simon Green Championship trial at Tong was almost overwhelmed when 125 competitors arrived at the Parkwood Offroad Centre on Sunday morning.

A four-lap trial with ten sections was plotted well in advance plus a separate small wheels route for a dozen young girls and boys.

Bradford’s Keiran Child won the hard course class losing all his five penalties in section three.


Hard course

Experts: Kieran Child (Beta) 5.

Inters: Sam Boocock (Sherco) 13, Anthony Ayrton (Montesa) 24,

Novices: Richard Mellon (Vertigo) 17, Chris Hunt (Gas Gas) 23, Jake Elly (Beta) 27.

Over 50’s: Kevin Alderson (TRS) 68.

Youth Class A: Harry Bowyer (Gas Gas) 35.

Clubman A: Neil Wright (TRS) 11, Robert Barrett (Scorpa) 11, Tony Heath (Beta) 13.

Over 50’s: Mark Butler (Fantic) 16, Mark Chippendale (Gas Gas) 18, Paul Wilson (Montesa) 19.

Pre-65: Mick Grant (BSA) 69.

Youth Class A: Max Fletcher (Sherco) 55, Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 82.

Youth Class B: Arron Sherwin (Beta) 61

Youth Class C: William Sagar (Beta) 40.

Clubman B: Ben Ashton (Sherco) 7, Matthew Jackson (TRS) 12, Matt Clark (Sherco) 17.

Over 50’s: Ged Fallon (TRS) 11, David Carr (Beta) 12, Jason Lee (Scorpa) 18.

Pre-65: Andrew Greenbank (James) 1, Keith NormIngton (BSA) 14, Henry Boocock (BSA) 30.

Youth Class A: Van Knapton (Gas Gas) 59.

Youth Class B: Charlie Petty (Beta) 14, Harvey Blacka (Beta) 26, Henry Dixon (Gas Gas) 60.

Youth Class C: Jimmy Crabtree (Beta) 24, Bobby Crabtree (Beta) 31, Jack Pullan (Beta) 42.

Small Wheels Yellow route: Koby Smith (Beta) 3, Henry Maudsley (Oset) 26, Oliver Richardson (Oset) 38.

Small Wheels White route: Tate Croft (Beta) 30, Jacob Smith (Beta0 34, Elliss Mitchell (Oset 37.