THE Ben Rhydding Over 50s men's team came away with a 2-0 victory when they travelled to Cambridge for the first match in this year’s national competition.

As three-time winners of the national title, Ben Rhydding have a strong reputation and many clubs chose to enter the lower competition instead.

This match was a repeat of last year’s fixture, which was a very tight victory for Ben Rhydding.

The team were without a couple of players but were bolstered by the addition of three newly qualified (Over 50) players, Martin Higgitt, James Laxton and Robbie Hatfield.

Ben Rhydding made an excellent start, playing with an intensity that put Cambridge under a lot of pressure.

Right winger Laxton made frequent breakthroughs and left winger Higgitt was similarly threatening.

After 15 minutes, Higgitt made the decisive breakthrough, scoring with a clever deflection from a ball cracked in by Horsman.

A second goal was secured by Higgitt following an incisive drive into the defence by Hatfield.

The second half was goalless but Ben Rhydding controlled the game with calm professionalism, giving Cambridge few chances.

The next game is against Stourport away in March.