BEN Hemingway was on another planet on Sunday at Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club's Kathleen Cockshott Memorial Trial at Dob Park

He rode 14 sections in Brown’s Wood for a single penalty, which he incurred on the third section where the steep incline featured leaf mould and loose earth climbs over the rocks.

The eight hard route contenders were into double figures with clerk of course Danny Cockshott claiming the last place on a score of 62 penalties.

Bradford teenager Charlie Smith just headed Sam Yeadon in the class with Ossett's Thomas Housecroft upholding Vertigo honours as top Inter rider.

Rob Loney topped Clubman A from Andrew Jackson, now Gas Gas mounted, and Fewston's James Noble who rode his 18-year-old Montesa 315 machine.

Noble won the Over 45 class from Neil Gaunt. The Clubman B class is usually Sherco domain and it was on Sunday with Rob Hardisty topping the class while his mate Phillip Hammond floundered in fourth place while West Leeds club secretary Mark Chippendale edged out Horsforth front runner Howard Gulley.

The club also ran small wheelers class for a small entry. They rode a six section trial at the top of Dob Park where grassy gradients tested eight boys and girls.

Alfie Carney was in a class of his own on the hard route, as was Poppy Fletcher.

The second section rounded trees and gradients with some tree roots proving very slippery.


Championship course:

Experts: Ben Hemingway (Beta) 1, Sam Yeadon (Beta) 18, Inters. Thomas Housecroft (Vertigo) 25, Danny Cockshott (Montesa) 62

Novices: Charlie Smith (Beta) 15, Bevan Blacker (Gas Gas) 42, Tom Middleton (Beta) 53.

Clubman A course:

Novices: Rob Loney (Beta) 11, Andrew Jackson (Gas Gas) 18, Adam Thornton (TRS) 19.

Over 45’s: James Noble (Montesa) 18, Neil Gaunt (Vertigo) 37, Youths Class A: Charlie Crossland (Beta) 51, 2 Jasper Fox (Beta) 100.

Youth N/C: Ethan Chapman (Scorpa) 81.

Clubman B:

Novices: Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 12, Mark Chippendale (Gas Gas) 18, Howard Gulley (TRS) 21.

Youth Class B: (NC) Josh Pearson 40, Oliver Winstanley 40, Arran Sherwin 89. (All Beta).

Small Wheels easy route: Alfie Carney (Oset) 8, Jimmy Crabtree 21, Jenson Fox 47. (All Beta).

Small wheels middle route: Poppy Fletcher (Oset) 26, Aiden Richardson 44, Alanna Eagleton 53. (All Oset).

Small Wheels easy route: Edward Kopasz (Oset) 54.

* The Wetherby and District Motor Club got their trials action back on track at a dry and bright Kingstone Farm on Saturday evening, where 60 competitors assembled to ride a Richard Shepherd devised course ten section Norman Crooks Trophy Trial at Fellbeck.

Naturally the famed holly tree was in full bloom and the rocks were as treacherous as ever.

Four classes circulated with a 31-strong easy rider class where by the landowner rode his BSA Bantam through every section. Norman Shepherd managed this in amongst overseeing the milking of cattle, entertaining his grandson and checking his son Richard on the section layouts.

Danny Smith won the novice class from Bevan Blacker, who lost the top spot after a stop on the final lap on the rocky climb at section nine.

Elliot Laws and Neil Gaunt, both Vertigo mounted, cleaned the final long deep narrow gully.

The width in places was about a tyre and a bit. Sections five six and nine penalised the hard route runners while three, four and eight tested the 13 50/50 contenders.


Hard course:

Novices: Danny Smith (Sherco) 18, Bevan Blacker (Gas Gas) 20, Adam Elliott (Beta) 26.

Youth Class A: Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 21, Richard Pulman (SCorpa) 32, Josh Brown (Beta) 40.

50/50 course:

Novices: Tom Peacock (Beta) 33,

Over 40s: Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 13, Martin Pratt (Beta) 31.

Over 50s: Neil Gaunt (Vertigo) 8. Michael Platts (Sherco) 8, Robert Hardisty (Sherco) 9, Chris Harsley (Vertigo) 35, Paul Kendall (Sherco) 36.

Youth Class B: Arran Sherwin (Beta) 88.

Easy course:

Novices; Richard Whitaker (Beta) 22, Callum Benson (Sherco) 34, Joe Snee (TRS) 36

Over 40s: Peter Hollingworth (Beta) 2, Thomas Simpson (Beta) 6, John Henfrey (Beta) 17.

Over 50s: Stewart Molloy (Beta) 2, Darren Elliott (Beta) 10, Adam Blacker (Montesa) 12.

Over 60s; Chris Dale (Montesa) 2, Graham Parker (Montesa) 2, Ian Brogden (|Beta) 4.

Twin Shock: Norman Shepherd (BSA) 0, Steve Gossop (BSA) 11, John Ellis (Majesty) 13.

Youth: Jack Bennett (Beta) 12.