BEN Rhydding posted an emphatic 10-0 victory against Doncaster on Saturday as they moved up to third in the North Division One.

Despite having most of the possession, Rhydding took 15 minutes to score their first goal; Will Musgrave slamming home a corner.

It was a skipper’s goal for number two, as Robert Ramsden hit his trusty reverse. He then claimed a second at close quarters to take his side to 3-0 going into the half-time break.

Musgrave scored a delightful upright reverse to make it 4-0 and the fifth came from textbook series of passes and a baseline pass from Musgrave to Max Helme, who popped the ball away.

Matt Birch scored a beauty of a corner for number six and the seventh was another textbook baseline circle entry for George Gamble to convert.

Rhydding made it to 8-0 via Birch mopping up the bits and pieces after a corner.

Musgrave scored a trademark reverse for the ninth and double figures were attained when he smashed it in on his forehand.

Amongst other games at the weekend, the under-18 girls' run in the England Hockey Championships came to an end as they lost 5-1 to Repton in the quarter-final.

After several strong performances in this competition, they met their match against a strong Repton side with Rafa Brandao-Lee scoring the goal for Ben Rhydding in the final minutes.