OLD Otliensians won a war of attrition on Saturday by beating derby rivals Yarnbury 10-6 in some of the worst weather conditions ever played at Chaffer's Field.

With a temperature of zero degrees, a wind chill of minus seven degrees, a biting strong Easterly wind and heavy freezing rain turning to ice on the pitch barriers,

The conditions soon deteriorated from the kick-off with hail like rain and a wind chill to boot but Yarnbury had the best of the opening quarter into the gale pinning Otliensians down in their own half.

Yarnbury's young side, which featured seven changes, were impressive at the scrummage as Otliensians' much bigger pack struggled to get to grips with the Horsforth eight men, and after five minutes full back Will Marshall scored a well taken penalty to give Yarnbury a 3-0 lead.

The two packs battled in the middle of the pitch as the backs struggled to keep hold of the ball with freezing fingers. Each team had possession but 'Ensians tackled well and their defence stood firm.

After 20 minutes, the home team produced a bit of magic. On the halfway line, Jacob Wragg and Olly Eaves swiftly moved the ball to Luke Cowdell, who made a break and an inch perfect pass to Matthew Peattie, who outpaced the defence in a 30 metre race to the line for a sublime unconverted try. This gave 'Ensians a 5-3 lead.

Not to be outdone Yarnbury fought back straight away and two minutes later took the lead again with a penalty by Marshall, who had a fine game for the visitors.

Yarnbury seemed to get over the line with another Ian Maycock touch down but was disallowed for a knock on.

The game switched again with 'Ensians turning over the ball, opening up play resulting in Ali Campbell finding touch on the visitor's 22.

Approaching half-time the home team, who had been starved of possession, made inroads into the Yarnbury half with a delightful 30 metres penalty by Olly Eaves.

'Ensians then moved into the visitor's 22 putting the defence under intense pressure. They won a penalty and a quick tap was taken by Rob Arbuckle, who was pulled down just short of the line.

However they won a further penalty in front of the posts for a straight forward three points (and the lead) but an Otliensians' player made an inappropriate comment, and the penalty was turned over and Yarnbury cleared their lines for a half-time score of 6-5 to Yarnbury.

The second half saw 'Ensians playing into the wind, and the two teams faced a battle of attrition against the conditions as the Arctic blast came sweeping down the Dales.

Yarnbury powered into the home 22 and Ian Maycock got over the line to touch down but the try was disallowed for a knock on.

The home team counter attacked with Matt Taylor breaking tackles in a great run into the Yarnbury half.

Yarnbury battled the conditions well for nearly three quarters of the match but after 25 minutes, they began to tire and the home forwards took over.

This was the tipping point and with ten minutes to play a home scrum on the halfway line saw the 'Ensians push the scrum back 15 metres, resulting in a home penalty for off-side.

A further scrum was taken and the visitors' scrum disintegrated for another 15 metres gain and another penalty for off-side.

Yet another scrum was taken and took play well into the Yarnbury 22, but this time the ball was taken by Arbuckle who passed to Cowdell for an unconverted try to make it 10-6 to home team.

'Ensians took control for the rest of the game holding play in the Yarnbury half and coming near to scoring again on one occasion.

Much credit is due to both teams and the officials for sticking to their tasks and providing a fine sporting game in horrible conditions.