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Solving your closet conundrum with a walk-in

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If you’re like the majority of people in this country, it’s inevitable that you currently own too many clothes for your wardrobe to handle. Shirts poking through the wardrobe door, jumpers jammed into every available space and dresses squashed together to make just that little bit more room is a common, yet mildly horrifying occurrence. How can you battle against that without going full-on minimalist and relying on a capsule wardrobe filled only with the essentials?

If gorgeous clothes are an indulgence that you have no intention of giving up, then you’re going to need a better storage solution; and that’s where the walk-in-wardrobe comes in.

Few renovations add the feeling of luxury and opulence like a walk-in-wardrobe. Allow yourself to imagine the ease with which you can select your clothes, going straight to your favourite dress or that pair of jeans that make you feel fabulous. Your morning routine will be slimmed down considerably when you’re not struggling against the bulging doors absolutely crammed with items or the hangers bending under the weight of one too many t-shirts. The feeling of complete organisation and order that this one simple change can make is not to be underestimated, making sense of the chaos of your wardrobe in a single stride.

Tina Mahony, Managing Director of Go Modern Furniture, would have to agree.

“A walk-in wardrobe is top of everyone’s fantasy list, isn’t it? Fans of Carrie Bradshaw will know exactly what we mean. The best walk-in wardrobes will work in any space – and to be able to see at a glance where all your clothes and accessories are neatly displayed has got to be one of life’s great pleasures. It’s also incredibly practical.”

When you love clothes as much this, taking care of them is a priority to ensure that you get as many years of wear out of them as possible. Did you know that walk-in wardrobes are actually better for your clothes for a number of reasons, the first being the simple fact that the clothes aren’t crushed into a smaller space and liable to pull holes in the fabric?

Another benefit is the prevention of a build-up of mould, mildew and the mustiness that clings to clothes when they’ve been left alone for a while, due to the fact that wardrobes with closing doors don’t allow the air in but a walk-in will allow the air to circulate. A common problem if your bedroom has been fitted with an ensuite, the moisture from the steam can remain trapped inside regular wardrobes, whereas a walk-in doesn’t have the same issue.

Keeping clothes smelling fresh is a dilemma that countless companies are forever trying to help us solve, namely by adding in more and more products to your wash until it resembles more of a tombola than a washing machine. A simple solution, however, is to simply give your clothes the room to breathe. With more space in between each item, you’ll quickly notice a difference in the way they retain their fresh, clean scent that will otherwise dissipate all too soon.

One of the biggest factors is being able to utilise any awkward space that would otherwise have to be left bare. A walk-in design can be any shape to suit your needs – square, L-shaped or slanted – and isn’t encumbered by the need for sliding or hinged doors that would hinder your layout. This would ultimately save floor space and leave your bedroom feeling far more spacious, no matter its size.

As Tina explains, “If you have a large bedroom or an L shaped room, partly partitioning this to create a walk-in means that you can have a minimalist, calm sleeping area. You just need room in this divided space to install shelves, rails and hangers, along with enough space to walk through comfortably. It will also remain light and airy and allow you to see everything you have without opening doors.”

There’s a practical element that should also be factored in when considering taking the plunge; with the luxury that a walk-in wardrobe represents, if in the future you’re considering making a change and moving to somewhere new, then the appeal of a walk-in could make your home more desirable for any would-be buyers, especially if you’re able to make use of a space that would otherwise leave them second-guessing.

“Not only will it bring years of pleasure, ultimately it will increase the value of your home.”

Regardless of which reason has swayed you, a walk-in wardrobe could be a dream come true. Give your clothes the room they deserve, indulge in the multitude of options on offer to match your aesthetic, and get the most out of your space that you’re currently missing out on.

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