This is your guide to ordering lateral flow Covid test kits from NHS pharmacies amid home delivery shortages.

Pharmacies are still offering lateral flow test kits despite online orders currently unavailable via the Government website.

The lack of lateral flow tests available for home delivery online is “due to exceptionally high demand", according to the UK Health Security Agency.

If you need to pick up a lateral flow test kit from a pharmacy, here's what you need to do before your visit.

Ordering lateral flow test kits from a pharmacy

You need to get a 'collect code' before leaving to pick up your lateral flow tests as the NHS now matches your details to the order.

You can get your collect code by visiting the Government website here or by calling 119 - free from landlines and mobiles and open from 7am to 11pm.

The Government will then send you your collect code via email or text.

You will need to take your collect code to the pharmacy, where someone will record your code and hand over your tests.

You need to get a new collect code for each collection - but you can make an account on the Government website so your details are ready to go.

Who can order lateral flow test kits?

You can collect test packs for your household or another household, the Government website states.

But you must get a collect code for each household.

Parents or guardians should get a collect code for those aged 11 to 15.

The NHS website advises that people should only order online if you cannot get a test through other methods, such as visiting a pharmacy.

This will then free up home delivery for those who need it most.

2.6 million lateral flows were dispatched between 8pm on Saturday, November 11, and 8pm on Sunday, November 12 - compared to 584,000 on November 13.

When should you take a lateral flow test?

You can use rapid lateral flow tests if you do not have symptoms of coronavirus, the NHS website explains.

Ideally, people should do a lateral flow test on days when you're more likely to catch or spread coronavirus - such as mixing in a large venue, crowded indoor places or visiting someone who is at higher risk of getting seriously ill from Covid-19.

Health minister Sajid Javid has suggested anyone attending Christmas parties should take a lateral flow test before the event.

The NHS also recommends doing daily rapid tests for seven days if you've been in contact with someone who tested positive.

After you’ve done the test, you should report your test result.

Help on how to report your test result can be found in the NHS booklet in your kit.