THREE professional dancers should quit Strictly Come Dancing after reportedly refusing to take the Covid vaccine, former star James Jordan has said.

It has been claimed that three professional dancers on the show are refusing the jab.

Former pro James Jordan said dancers who would not take the Covid vaccine “do not deserve” their place on the show.

The dancer, who left the programme in 2013, was appearing on Good Morning Britain with Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid.

He said: “I normally would protect the professional dancers till the cows came home but on this particular occasion I can’t unfortunately.

“I definitely believe that they do not deserve their right on the show and the celebs have every right to refuse to dance with them and if they do not want to dance with the professionals that have not been double vaccinated that makes their job obsolete.

“There are loads of professional dancers that would love to do Strictly, get them on there.”

The 2021 series began with a pre-recorded show on Saturday, as this year’s line-up of 16 celebrities were matched with their partners.

Attention now turns to this week’s show, as the Strictly starts of 2021 will dance live for the very first time.

Strictly Come Dancing will continue on BBC One at 7pm on Saturday.