PUPILS are being offered lessons in managing money.

Staff from the Yorkshire Building Society in Keighley are taking their free Money Minds programme into schools.

The scheme, aimed at both primary and secondary-age youngsters, features various activities designed to promote discussion and learning.

Topics range from keeping money safe, for younger pupils, to calculating interest and responsibilities regarding repaying loans for older students.

Chloe Emmerson, the society's Keighley branch manager, said: "Learning how to effectively manage finances is a vital life skill.

"Our Money Minds sessions are designed to engage pupils and enable them to test and expand their vocabulary and understanding of money through fun activities.

"The activities seek to build decision-making skills, team-working abilities and practical maths knowledge as well as financial literacy.

"We're committed to supporting schools in Keighley in teaching financial education."

For more details and to register, visit money-minds.co.uk.