THE SPIRIT of Ubuntu was captured as students and staff from St. Mary’s, Menston, hosted an evening of musical entertainment to raise money for the Bambisanani Partnership.

The unique partnership with Mnyakanya High School situated in one of South Africa’s poorest rural areas uses sport to promote education, health, global citizenship and leadership.

The ‘Spirit of Ubuntu’ concert featured musical ensembles from St. Mary’s, Cardinal Heenan, the Madrigal singing group and the Leeds Youth Jazz Rock Orchestra - the co-hosts of the evening, raising money for their own projects in South Africa.

The quality of the music was truly outstanding and the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by a large and very appreciative audience.

Assistant Headteacher and founder of the Bambisanani Partnership, David Geldart, said: "It was a wonderful evening of music which really captured the spirit of Ubuntu (human kindness and concern for others). The young people involved in the evening from the two initiatives are truly inspirational. They want to make a difference to the world and are prepared to use their amazing talents to do so.

"There is something special about music and sport in being able to connect people in meaningful encounters, long may this continue.”