STUDENTS at Ilkley Grammar School really got into the swing of things and joined the challenge of ‘Operation Double the Money’ to raise lots of money for Comic Relief.

All students paid for the privilege of not wearing their uniform for the day. The initiative raised £1073.68.

Post 16 students took on their teachers with a charity basketball match – students paid an entry fee to watch what had been dubbed ‘Grudge Match Part 2’. The final score ended 26-13 in favour of the Post 16 students. They raised £74.54. The Year 7 students set up a cake stall at lunchtime and raised £103.90.

Year 9 and 10 tutor group students invested £20 in a money raising activity. They set they stalls out to entice Year 8 and 9 students to spend their loose change in aid of Comic Relief.

The stalls ranged from photo booths, nail art, chocolate fountains to ping pong challenge…as well as the traditional money raiser – a chance to throw custard pies at teachers! They raised £1,484.95.

It was an afternoon full of fun for a great cause with the Grammar School raising an amazing £2,737.04 and with additional sponsorship money raised by a giant paper chain make still to be counted, the school hope to have doubled last year’s Sport Relief fundraising!