A TWENTY mile per hour zone is to be introduced outside a Horsforth primary school after years of campaigning by local people and councillors.

The Liberal Democrat ward councillors Brian Cleasby and Chris Townsley this week welcomed the announcement of the new zone.

The two councillors have spent a number of years campaigning with locals to slow down traffic outside the school to help keep children safe.

Now they say the Highways Department has finally found funding from a nearby developer and contributions from the school itself.

Cllr Cleasby said: “It’s great news that we have secured the funding. Many years of hard work convincing the council of the importance of this zone have finally paid off for residents.

“However, this is only the first step to sorting out the traffic issues around the school. We must continue to encourage parents to stop using their cars for the school run if we are to sort out the parking chaos at pick up and drop off times.”

Cllr Townsley added: “By introducing this 20 mph zone, we will have safer roads for local children. The funding for the zone is very welcome and we are now looking forward to seeing this scheme finally get started.”

The two councillors put forward proposals for 20mph limits four years ago amid concerns from local people and fears that speeding motorists were putting children’s lives at risk.

They sent letters to local people asking for their views on the proposed new limits for a number of primary schools in the area.

Broadgate and St Mary’s primary schools were already covered by a 20mph zone.

The two councillors put their plans forward amid proposals from Education Leeds to increase the number of pupils at Newlaithes Junior School, Featherbank Infant School and West End Primary. The measures were felt to be necessary because of a higher-than-anticipated birth rate and movement of families into the area.

Cllr Townsley said the increase in places would create more potential for problems on the roads outside the schools. He said parents and residents were already concerned about traffic travelling too quickly.

“We've had complaints from residents around certain schools saying cars travel too fast and that it is just an accident waiting to happen,” he said.

Earlier this year it was announced that 20mph zones were to be introduced at Benton Park and Guiseley Schools.

The two schemes are among 24 zones being set up by Leeds City Council after a consultation which opened last year. There were no objections to the Guiseley and Rawdon schemes, and they were welcomed by councillors for the ward.