MERCURY MOVIE MAKERS: Is there an easy way to produce a film script? This problem was tackled by members on a recent Wednesday. The chairman for the evening John Wheeler tried the ‘bran tub’ method where concealed envelopes were drawn from a ‘tub’ and when opened they revealed a word which was relevant to a film. This way the choice was purely random. When six key words had been selected by the two teams, we were given a theme to work to. This was also revealed to each team by a novel method. Now we have to go away and compose a script and come up with ideas based on the words and portraying the chosen theme. It may sound complicated but there is logic behind it. News of Mercury’s progress should be available soon. Anyone who is intrigued is invited to look at our website for the next few weeks at

DARBY AND JOAN CLUB: The club met in Greenacre Hall on Monday, April 28. Chairman was Audrey Pitchfork, announcements were made by Cynthia Gray and the meeting was closed by John France. MCs for the games were Joyce Schofield and Christine Watson and prize winners were Sheila Wilkinson and Joyce Schofield (whist) and Muriel Berriman and Betty Lee (dominoes).