ST PETER’S CHURCH: The second Sunday of Easter is often called Low Sunday but our turn-out last Sunday was exceptionally high. Part of the reason was the presence of friends and relatives from afar of Doug Nayler, recently retired deputy warden, for his 80th birthday celebrations. The new diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales had perhaps its first physical manifestation last Monday when the new diocese’s merged colleges of canons were summoned by the Queen, by Conge d’Elire no less, to elect the first Bishop of Leeds. Two canons from St Peter’s – Canon Barbara Clarke, until recently an assistant priest at St Peter’s, and Canon Professor Arthur Francis, an honorary lay canon – were among the 100-plus who duly elected Bishop Nick Baines to the post. The inauguration of the diocese and confirmation of his election is in York Minster on June 8 and he will later be enthroned in each of his three cathedrals – a feast for those with a liking for dressing up and processing! Back in Addingham, on Wednesday we joined other churches and church schools across the diocese in planting poppy seeds to mark our identity as a new diocese and to remember all who lost their lives in the Great War. In addition to all the normal weekly services there is a healing service at 7.30pm this evening and on Sunday there is a family service and holy communion at 10am and Easter songs of praise at 6pm.