ALLOTMENTS AND GARDENS ASSOCIATION: Addingham Allotments and Gardens Association are having a talk by Tony Cleaver entitled The Secret Gardens of London tomorrow night. This will be in Mount Hermon Hall at 7.30pm. This will be our last talk of the autumn winter season. We will begin again in September with what we hope will be interesting talks.

PROBUS CLUB: The speaker at the meeting on April 17 was Trevor Moody, and his talk was entitled “Comedians of the Good Old Days”. He has amassed a large collection of video-recordings of the entertainers of the second half of the last century. He encouraged his audience to share his enthusiasm for Norman Evans, Les Dawson and Benny Hill, and to relive memories of Tony Hancock, the Two Ronnies and Ken Dodd. His professional presentation was both nostalgic and entertaining.

ST PETER’S CHURCH: Good Friday saw quite a gathering on Sugar Hill in the centre of the village. Around a large cross people met for a short ecumenical service to commemorate Jesus’s crucifixion, and afterwards to enjoy a hot cross bun. Easter Day itself was celebrated at St Peter’s by a vigil and early Eucharist on Saturday evening and by Communion services at 8am and 10am on Sunday. A packed church at 10am of 170 souls included members of Hands On Church who departed after the first hymn to get their hands on some Easter eggs from the Easter egg hunt. They also heard some stories before rejoining the church congregation for communion. We welcomed into St Peter’s for the first time our newest member – 17 day old Oliver Brookes and we all greatly admired and enjoyed the wonderful floral displays, thanks being given to Phyllis Robinson who once again had masterminded their production. Rector Jill Perrett preached a sermon about change. This included a number of rather good ‘how many … does it take to change a light bulb’ jokes – for the full list apply to the Rectory – but also some challenges and encouragements to change in the light of new possibilities opened up by the birth that Easter Day of the new Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales, the development and growth of St Peter’s itself, and, most important of all, in the light of the power of the resurrection.