MERCURY MOVIE MAKERS: On Wednesday at Mercury Movies we were entertained by celebrated local film maker Bob Lorrimer who brought a entertaining selection of his work. A very brief view of key cutting was followed by a visit to a Cocktail Party. Bob’s very sharp photography was already highlighted by these two examples. A popular song was featured in Bob’s version of a ‘pop video’ and this was followed by an animation film. A specialist paper manufacturer had his products shown on a promotion type film. The Steps is a film that has had a lot of viewings due to it being on the internet. In it a tired and retired man struggles up some steep steps with his shopping. On gaining the top step, purchases of fruit cascade out of the carrier bag and down the steps, leading to an argument. Titanic borrows from the recent cinema success but uses less familiar ‘stars’, very amusing. The overriding theme of Bob’s show was humour and we had plenty of that. Titles included Bear Behind, No Way Back and The Egg - also widely seen on the internet. A documentary style was adopted for Cycling and Pop Video. Rock Bottom and The Boot and a comedy spoof based on The Malta Story (a wartime romance) brought this highly amusing evening to an end. Our own Bob Rudd gave the vote of thanks. See website

DARBY AND JOAN CLUB: The club met in Greenacre Hall on Monday, April 14. Chairman was Audrey Pitchfork, announcements were made by Cynthia Gray and the meeting was closed by June France. MCs for the games were Joyce Schofield and Christine Watson and prize winners were Joyce Coultas and Audrey Marks (whist) and Edna Wild and Deryk Johnson (dominoes). All were sorry to hear of the death of Mary Watson, who celebrated her 100th birthday in December and had been a member for almost 30 years.