Councillors are sounding a note of caution over plans to expand a Guiseley primary school.

Leeds City Council is consulting on proposals to expand capacity at Tranmere Park from 315 pupils to 420 – with an increase in the admission number from 45 to 60 in 2014.

But ward councillors for Guiseley and Rawdon say existing problems would be made worse by an increase in pupil numbers.

Coun Paul Wadsworth said: “No one is arguing that there isn’t a genuine need to increase provision in the area – but I would just question whether this is the right proposal or the right site.

“The location of Tranmere Park means it is already difficult for parents to drop off and pick up their children at the school.

“Cars are parked in front of driveways or else a long way from the school, meaning it isn’t an ideal situation for children walking to and from the school gates at busy times.

“Expanding the school will only make these problems worse.”

He suggested consolidating Green Meadows School onto one site and using the surplus site for a new primary school.

Coun Pat Latty described the proposals as “rather worrying”.

“The problems associated with this site, in terms of parking and access, will only get worse if the school was allowed to expand,” she said.

“A temporary agreement has already been made for Tranmere Park to take 15 additional pupils, but without a robust plan to address the current issues it is likely that more cars and pupils turning up at the school will result in a worse experience for everyone involved – residents and parents alike.”

Coun Graham Latty said: “Quite apart from the question of expanding local schools, we need to make sure they are able to manage effectively the pupil numbers they already have, before expecting them to take in more.

“With all the local developments that have been given the go-ahead in recent years, financial contributions from developers towards education improvements in the area must have accrued to substantial sums, yet we have seen little in the way of significant improvements to local schools.”

The Council will discuss the proposals later this year.