A Royal Oak from the Queen’s Sandringham estate has been stolen from a Guiseley park which has been brought back into use by a band of dedicated volunteers.
The infant tree, which was planted to mark the Queen’s Jubliee, was taken from Parkinson’s Park.
In a separate incident, vandals knocked stones off a rebuilt drystone wall.
The stones were found and put back in place, but the sapling which was given to the park by the Woodland Trust, has disappeared.
Jennifer Kirkby, from the Friends of Parkinson’s Park, said someone had dug up the sapling – although self-seeded oaks on either side were not taken.
“A replacement Royal Oak will cost the Friends £30,” she said.
“Every penny we have is donated by people who give in order to help the whole community, and someone has decided to take this for themselves.  
“Even if we do get a replacement, it will not be the same tree that was planted by a group of Guiseley people last spring, with hope for the future.   
“It would be nice if whoever took it felt a twang of conscience and put it back again.
Guiseley and Rawdon councillor Graham Latty praised the work of the Friends and appealed to local people to report vandalism.
“Parkinson’s Park is a wonderful open space that has been reclaimed for the people of Guiseley by the efforts of a small dedicated band of volunteers,” he said.
“I recommend people to have a walk up there to see just what they have done and to enjoy the space, the peace and the views.”
“Guiseley would be a poorer place without the efforts of these volunteers.
“They are small in number but you would really notice the difference if they packed up and never lifted a finger,.
“I appeal to people to keep an open eye for signs of this sort of vandalism and immediately report it to the neighbourhood police.”