Dog owners are being urged to pick up after their pets after a barrage of complaints about dog mess from angry Guiseley and Rawdon residents.

Coun Pat Latty says she has been inundated with calls about the problem and she appealed to dog owners to behave responsibly.

She said: “This is becoming an increasingly serious problem on our streets and playing fields. What people don’t seem to realise is that the mess their dogs leave is not only offensive if picked up on a shoe and trodden into your car or house, but a danger to health. Young children do not realise the dangers and it is all too easy for them to get it on their hands and then to their faces and even mouths; in a worst case scenario this can cause blindness.

“We have bins everywhere and it should be no problem to deposit your dogs mess into one. We have signs telling people that there is a fine if you are caught leaving mess lying around.”

Meanwhile, dog owners have been slammed for “senselessly” leaving bags of waste at beauty spots in the Washburn Valley.

Yorkshire Water says Eccup, Fewston and Swinsty reservoirs are being particularly plagued by left dog waste, which it describes as having reached “epidemic” proportions – and is costing £40,000 to clear up.

The firm’s recreation and catchment manager, Geoff Lomas, said: “We’ve spent millions opening up some of our stunning reservoir sites, with thousands of people using them every week, whether it be for exercise or to simply take advantage of some of the incredible vistas, flora and fauna.

“So it’s incredibly sad that, despite our best efforts, we’re hearing of people having to watch where they’re walking, rather than actually enjoying their walk.

“Our message is simple – please do the right thing and make sure you always clean up after your dog and dispose of any mess in the correct way."