Two friends from Otley are celebrating completing a ‘top to bottom’ UK cycling challenge.

Twenty-two-year-old Roy Wood, supported by driver and navigator Ben Wilson, took just two weeks to cycle from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

The pair, who both work at Waitrose Otley, completed the 1,024-mile fundraiser on Tuesday, August 9 – raising more than £1,300 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in the process.

The cause was a personal one, as their mutual friend and fellow former Prince Henry’s Grammar School student, Adam Jackson, has the condition.

An elated, but aching, Roy said: “We're delighted because we have beaten our original target of £1,000 and the total is still rising, as we have more donations still to collect.

“We have received a tremendous amount of generosity from people – friends, family, work colleagues, and just people we met when actually on the trip have all been so kind.

“By the end there was a tremendous feeling of elation and a very warm feeling of hard-earned success.

“We both worked extremely hard for the whole adventure which definitely had its ups and downs. We had to incorporate some rest days as my knees were feeling incredibly sore due to the mega distances involved, but it was still just 13 days of cycling.

“We were welcomed across the line by friends and family and it was such a strange feeling to think of all the miles we had done just to get to that point.

“Scotland was the most picturesque area to ride through, especially Glen Coe. The Shap Fell area on the edge of the Lake District was very nice, Devon and Cornwall too.

“But there were stretches of dual carriageway that were touch and go, and not particularly pleasant.

“The toughest climb was definitely Porlock Hill in Somerset which is a 25 per cent gradient and rises 1,300 feet in less than two miles – I knew when we got to the top that there could not possibly be anything tougher!”

Donations can still be made at