Assistant headteacher Shirley Moffat will call time on a 35 year teaching career when she retires from Burley & Woodhead C of E Primary School tomorrow.

The 60-year-old, from Burley-in-Wharfedale, has spent the last 11 years working at the school and has, in her own words, “loved it”.

But she is also looking forward to having more spare time and seeing a bit of the world after she has said her goodbyes to pupils and colleagues tomorrow.

She said: “I’ve been a year 5 teacher most of my life and worked at various middle schools before the reorganisation.

“I’ve been the special needs co-ordinator, PE co-ordinator and assistant head all at the same time which has been a bit of a juggling act sometimes!

“But I’ve loved it, and loved teaching, and been very lucky in all the schools I’ve worked in to have worked with fantastic, professional people.

“We’ve already had several celebrations to mark my going. We had a party at the school last Friday, with about 70 or 80 people there who I’d worked with over the years, and then we had another party on Saturday at The Malt.

“The parents have also given me a very nice present and there will be a farewell presentation tomorrow too.

“I’m looking forward now to doing some travelling and keeping up with friends and family a bit better, and just generally putting my feet up.”