After just a couple of months at his drama school Luke Hudson was not expecting too much from his first audition. But despite his limited experience the 11-year-old walked away with a part in a top TV drama, acting alongside a number of stars.

And his proud parents, who cancelled the family holiday to fit in with filming, say they were more star-struck than he was.

Now he is hoping to build a career in acting after filming the BBC series Five Days in which he plays the actor David Morrissey’s son.

Luke’s mum Lisa said he was put forward for the audition last year by the drama school principal Carol Bicker.

“It was his first audition and I just told him to use it as experience,” she said.

“Then they called him back to a second audition in Leeds and then a third one. When they said he had got it we couldn’t believe it.”

But you could say Luke has acting in the blood – his great grandfather Fred Hudson was a well-known thespian in Yeadon where he played the pantomime dame for many years.

Lisa said: “His great grandfather is a bit of a legend in Yeadon, although Luke never knew him.”

Luke ‘s first step into an acting career came at a price when his family – mum, dad, and nine-year-old sister Maisie – had to cancel their holiday to Portugal. But they have re-arranged their trip, and they say it was worth the sacrifice.

Lisa said: “It has been great – he has really enjoyed it. He has been to London a couple of times to the BBC Television Centre.

As well as Morrissey, the second series of the drama also stars former Coronation Street actress Suranne Jones, Boys from the Blackstuff star Bernard Hill and Full Monty actor Hugo Speer.

But Luke, who also met Stephen Fry at the BBC, has taken it all in his stride.

“He wasn’t nervous about it, and he wasn’t star-struck at all,” his mum said.

“The director said he has done really well. I think it has been a bit of a help that he hasn’t done anything before. He has taken direction really well and wasn’t cocky with it.”

Now Luke is wanting to study drama at university and is hoping for more work in TV.

“He would love to get into Dr Who – and he mentioned it to the director,” Lisa said.

Centre Stage principal Carol Bicker said: “He has only been coming here for a couple of months and I wasn’t going to send him for the audition because I didn’t know his abilities.

“He was also a little bit younger than the specification we had so I was in two minds – but I thought he had the right look and we went through the script and he managed it really well.

“I am proud of him. He is a really lovely lad and he deserves it.”

Five Days, which begins on BBC1 at 9pm on Monday, March 1, tells the story of a newborn baby who is abandoned in the toilets of a Yorkshire hospital at the same time as a Trans-Pennine commuter train is halted by a suicidal jumper.