I have a family member who is affected by dementia so I know that life can be difficult for those caring for a loved one. What I can’t imagine is how much harder it is for the thousands of young people who take on this responsibility.

From my time in da Bungalow, I know that having the chance to cut loose and have fun is part of what being young is all about. Sadly, many young people who are caring do not have the time to do so. That’s why I’m calling on all young carers to take a moment to escape from their daily routine and take part in Zoom! – a national photo competition for young carers.

Zoom! is open to any carer under the age of 18. You just need to enter a photo you have taken which reflects any aspect of your life and have the chance of winning one of ten great prizes. All entries must be submitted by May 14 and the winners will be announced during Carers Week (June 8-14). For more information and an entry form, visit carersweek.org or call 0845 241 2582. So, if you’re a young carer, get hold of a camera and start shooting!

Richard McCourt

Dick from Dick and Dom

Will MP tell us his view on Post Office privatisation?

I attended last Saturday a rally by the Communications Workers Union against the proposed part-privatisation of the Post Office. I hoped to speak but it was a Labour Party closed shop in effect, even though it is the Labour government that is betraying our Post Office and its workers.

I was intrigued, however, to learn of the response of Leeds North-West MP Greg Mulholland when ap-proached by the CWU for his views. In effect, he did not have one, and indicated, I am told, that he did not know what the party line on the matter was.

Mr Mulholland made a great deal last year out of a campaign to protect our community post offices; one would expect him to have an equally clear view on the future of our community postal service.

I am asking him through the pages of your newspaper if he has made up his mind yet – the Commons vote is likely to take place in the next few weeks.

Martin Hemingway

NW Leeds Green Party

Campaign to reinstate Skipton-Colne rail link

I would be grateful if you could draw your readers’ attention to the fact that there is still time to sign the e-petition on the Downing Street website to reinstate the Skipton to Colne railway: petitions.number10.gov.uk/reopen/. The petition closes on June 26. Thank you to those readers who have already done so.

Reconnecting Skipton to Colne by rail would give access by rail from Wharfedale via Shipley to East Lancashire, Preston, Blackpool, Manchester and stations in between. It would also enable residents of those districts to visit Wharfedale without bringing cars to choke up your streets.

We are due to meet with the Rail Minister shortly and the greater the number of signatories to the pe-tition, the louder our voice.

This rail reopening is now supported by 202 councils including in your area Ilkley, Otley, Menston, Addingham, Burley and Kirkby Overblow as well as a huge number of politicians, businesses and other organisations, among them Bradford University, Yorkshire and Humber CBI and the West York-shire Playhouse.

More information is on the SELRAP website, selrap.org.uk. For those not on the internet who want to know more, if they would like to write to me at the address below, I will happily send them our newsletter.

Roy St Pierre

1 The Croft, Hollin Hall, Trawden, Colne, Lancs BB8 8SS

Tell your MP about poor epilepsy services

I am writing to ask whether any of your readers have been affected by poor epilepsy services in the local area.

Epilepsy Action produced a report, Epilepsy in England: Time for Change, earlier this year. This high-lighted how, in many areas, epilepsy services are still failing to meet national guidelines.

The report revealed a worrying lack of specialists, waiting times that exceed guidelines and a high rate of mis-diagnosis. During National Epilepsy Week (May 17-23), Epilepsy Action is encouraging people to meet with their local MPs. They can then ask them to take the much-needed steps in improving epilepsy services across the UK.

We are appealing for people who have experienced poor epilepsy services to come forward and share their experience. We want to try to encourage the government to take notice and to improve the quality of services in the UK. The services also need to be made consistent in all areas.

We would like to thank everyone who has already contacted their MP about these issues. So far, over 160 MPs have signed an Early Day Motion, calling for improvements to epilepsy services.

To register to take part in National Epilepsy Week please go online and complete the form at epilepsy.org.uk/nationalepilepsyweek _form or call me on 0113 210 8877.

Peter Scott

Campaigns and Policy Officer, Epilepsy Action

Put your voting paper in the recycling bin

Surely it must be obvious to everyone that Gordon Brown is not and never was in control of this country. Neither would Cameron, Clegg nor any other politician.

Booms, busts, recessions, wars, employment, unemployment are all engineered by un-elected Estab-lishment capitalists. Not the government. Even those aspects of government they think they control are actually manipulated by Establishment bureaucrats. Democracy is a mirage. An illusion for the gulli-ble and it matters not one iota who is elected. It is the Establishment that is in control.

So who is the Establishment? Conspiracy theorists could have a field day with this one but it is a se-cretive society based on capitalism that makes the Freemasons look like play school.

Gordon Brown’s head is spinning not knowing what to do next. There is absolutely nothing he can do but hope the Establishment will take mercy on him and give him something he can claim credit for. So when you are next invited, nay pressed, to take part in elections you would be as well throwing a dice for all the difference it will make.

Whatever your choice, the Establishment will always be in control of your destiny. The best thing you can do with your voting paper is to put it in the recycling bin. Voting only gives this fraudulent system credibility.

Malcolm Naylor

Grange View, Otley

Request for airshow photographs and memories

I am currently researching the history of British airshows in order to produce a book marking the 100th anniversary of the first British event in 1909.

I was wondering if any of your readers had recollections they may wish to share and photographs filed away that evoke memories of past airshows?

Attending airshows is just as popular today as it was during the 1920s and 30s and countless young (and young at heart) spectators remain fascinated by the aerial activity each summer. There must be thousands of unpublished photographs out there just waiting to be shared.

Memories and photographs can be sent directly to me at the postal or email address below. All photo-graphs will be copied and returned.

Stephen Bridgewater

45 Hassocks Close, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 2GH


Thousands of animals are waiting for new homes

In the current economic crisis, times are hard for cash-strapped households, but abandoning the family cat, dog or other animal in order to save money on food and vet bills is abhorrently cruel and selfish. Recent figures from the RSPCA reveal that 30 animals are abandoned – or killed (in extreme cases) – every day, which is a 50 per cent rise on 2007 figures.

Anyone thinking of introducing a companion animal into their lives should only do so if they have the necessary time, spare income and commitment. Animals are not accessories or cars that can be sold or dumped when times get hard, they are a full-time responsibility and members of the family who need food, shelter, medical treatment and kindness. If you can offer a companion animal a loving forever home, please always adopt one of the thousands waiting in rescue shelters across the country.

Kelly Slade

Campaigns Officer

Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW