A damaged 150-year-old milestone marker near Arth-ington is to be fully restored.

The historic stone marker on the A659 Arthington Lane/ Otley Road was nearly destroyed after being hit by a vehicle several years ago.

Adel and Wharfedale’s three Conservative ward councillors, Clive Fox, Barry Anderson and Les Carter, have now agreed to pay £1,700 from a fund they have with Leeds City Council’s North West Outer Area Committee to have it sensitively repaired.

Coun Fox, who is also a member of Arthington Parish Council, said: “Arthington is a lovely village and these milestone markers are an important part of its heritage.

“This restoration will be sympathetically carried out using appropriate materials and will enhance the appearance of the village.”

Coun Anderson said: “The milestone markers along the former toll road are an historic landmark and a picturesque addition to the journey between Tadcaster and Otley.

Coun Carter said: ““The people of Arthington take great pride in their community and I am thrilled that we have been able to help with this project.”

The milestone marker is one of a number, first erected around 1850, that line the former toll road between Tadcaster and Otley.

The restoration project will involve recasting a replica of the Arthington marker in cast-iron, then combining this with the remains of the original.

To prevent a repeat of the damaged the original marker suffered when it was hit by a car, the restored milestone will be set back from the road, thanks to the co-operation of the landowner.